May 25, 2005

Scare America ratings are in the crapper everywhere

Brian Maloney at The Radio Equalizer has an in depth look at the latest on the Arbitron ratings for several Air America markets, and the results are the same across the board. No one's listening -- at least not in any kind of numbers that anyone can appreciate.

Sounds like the writing may be on the wall at Air America.

To the Radio Equalizer, most telling is the recent report that Al Franken has purchased a home in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, gearing up for a potential 2008 US Senate run. Franken's clearly making backup plans.
And contrary to the carping on Air America, there's no conspiracy. People just aren't listening.

Posted by mhking at May 25, 2005 10:16 PM

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Posted by: King at May 30, 2005 08:08 PM
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