May 25, 2005

A new guilty pleasure on the tube

Fox Reality, the newest channel from the Fox stable, hit the airwaves yesterday on DirecTV Channel 250.

The new channel will show reruns of past reality shows from the US and abroad. They started out with reruns of the original Joe Millionaire, and will run the first season of Last Comic Standing next week. Love Cruise, The Swan, Temptation Island, My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance and Mad Mad House (the latter from SciFi Channel last year) will be on the schedule shortly.

Also, look for international versions of Temptation Island and Joe Millionaire, along with other imports from off-shore like the UK's Single Girls and The Villa. Negotiations are underway for the rights to The Bachelor, The Will and The Family.

I'm holding out hope for cancelled Fox reality shows Playing It Straight (the one with the gay cowboys) and Forever Eden (with the people living on a resort island). Both shows were dumped before their last episodes were aired.

Fox Reality is also airing extra content with behind the scenes info on the programs, and a fair amount of other shows like Arrest & Trial, The 5th Wheel and Cops.

Anyway, as the headline says, it'll be a guilty pleasure for me, at least.

Posted by mhking at May 25, 2005 10:33 PM
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