September 23, 2004

Black gay group endorses President Bush

The Abe Lincoln Black Republican Caucus, founded in 2002 in Dallas, has broken ranks with the larger, national Log Cabin Republican Caucus (the gay GOP caucus), and endorsed George W. Bush for President.

According to their spokesman, the endorsement was actually propelled by the refusal of the Log Cabin Republicans to endorse Bush.

"We think that the 'Republican Tent' is inclusive and there is room for differences, but one does not pick up their marbles and go home if there are a few points of disagreement," ALBRC spokesman Anthony Falls said in a prepared statement. "The ALBRC does not support marriage for gays, yet we do support and call for recognition of domestic partnerships."
The larger Log Cabin Republicans dismissed the ALBRC endorsement.
Chris Barron, political director of the Log Cabin Republicans, said his group remains firm in its decision not to endorse Bush.

"I do not know what the mission of the Abe Lincoln club is, but I do know that Log Cabin's decision furthers our mission, which is to build equality for gays and lesbians in the Republican Party," Barron told the PlanetOut Network. "There are times when integrity requires that a commitment to basic fairness not be sacrificed in the name of partisan politics."

A spokesperson for the National Black Justice Coalition dismissed the endorsement as well, noting that the Dallas-based group has never had a national presence or influence.

I didn't know that having a national presence was a prerequesite for endorsing a Presidential candidate.

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