April 07, 2005

Security guard testimony: MJ gave oral sex to underaged boy in '93

The MJ fans are sure to be in a tizzy now. A former Neverland Ranch security guard testified today, and told jurors that he had actually seen Michael Jackson performing oral sex on an underaged boy while Jackson and the young boy were nude outside a shower in 1993.

The defense tried to counter Ralph Chacon's testimony by painting him as a disgruntled former employee forced into bankruptcy by an unsuccessful civil suit against Jackson.

Chacon testified that Jackson and the boy -- who was involved in a civil suit against Jackson in 1993 -- were engaged in "passionate" kissing and were caressing before the sex act.

He told prosecutors that the sex act occurred in late 1992 or 1993.

He said the incident began around midnight, when he saw Jackson and the boy, who was 9 or 10 at the time of the incident, laughing and playing in a whirlpool spa. He said they later went to a bathroom on the ranch grounds, which contained a shower.

Chacon testified he was walking by the room more than a half hour later when he heard Jackson and the boy together in the shower. He said he first walked away, but he returned because he thought to himself, "Hey, what's going on here? There's a grown man in the shower with a boy."

He said he looked through a window, and he saw Jackson and the boy standing naked in a well-lit room outside the shower. Jackson caressed the boy and kissed his hair, then Jackson moved his lips to the boy's genital area and performed oral sex, Chacon said.

Chacon said walked away and later saw Jackson giving the boy a piggyback ride. Both were wearing only towels, he said.

He also said that on another occasion, he saw Jackson passionately kissing the same boy in front of a display of Peter Pan dolls, and "Jackson's hands went down to the boy's crotch area."

This marks the first time that testimony relating to the earlier accusation has been brought up in open court.

Many professional trial-watchers have indicated that since the judge in the case is allowing testimony from prior circumstances - going to a pattern of behavior on the part of Jackson - that Jackson's legal team would be on the ropes under a barrage of bombshell accusations, perhaps leading them to try to settle the case and reduce the amount of time that Jackson would have to spend in jail. As of this point, there is no indication of a plea bargain on Jackson's part. 46 year-old Jackson insists he is not guilty of the child molestation charges brought against him.

Posted by mhking at April 7, 2005 04:06 PM

I don't know if everything that is said about Michael is true, but one thing for sure, he was really not smart(putting it nicely) for putting himself in this position again. If he got off once, why would he put himself in this position again? Why?????

Posted by: Cynthia at April 7, 2005 05:39 PM

Tell me please, why wait years before speaking up that you saw this kind of act?

Some people besides Jacko belong in jail: the kids' parents who let them go over Jacko's house and sleep in the man's room, and people who saw things but didn't notify the police.

Posted by: DarkStar at April 7, 2005 06:00 PM

Dark Star,

You do have a point here.

Posted by: Cynthia at April 7, 2005 06:20 PM

DS - You DO have a point. The remainder of the CNN article (as well as the LA Times piece I saw earlier) I linked to here points out that Meserau's cross brought up the fact that the guard was part of a class-action suit brought about by disgruntled former employees of Jackson's. Beyond that, the only reason that I could see him not coming forward before now was the settlement of the 1993 accusations.

I'm certain there has to be more evidence from the prior cases that Sneddon plans to bring up - if this is it, the question marks will remain.

Posted by: mhking at April 7, 2005 11:12 PM
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