June 14, 2004

Damn. The good guys keep dying...

Award winning sports writer and author Ralph Wiley died last night of heart failure.

Wiley was formerly senior writer at Sports Illustrated, and the author and co-author of a number of books, including Why Black People Tend to Shout and By Any Means Necessary: The Trials and Tribulations of the Making of Malcolm X, which he co-wrote with Spike Lee.

Most recently, Wiley was a Page 2 columnist for ESPN.com, and penned more than 240 articles for them.

And while politically, he was to the left of the aisle, one has to admit that Ralph Wiley was one of America's best sportswriters. No, one of America's best writers. He'll truly be missed.

Wiley is survived by his son, Cole, and daughter, Maggie; his mother, Dorothy Brown, of Washington, D.C.; and his fiancé, Susan Peacock. He was 52.

Posted by mhking at June 14, 2004 09:59 PM

They always say these things come in threes. Think we're done for a while now?

Posted by: Beck at June 15, 2004 09:34 AM

man, what a bummer. I absolutely loved this guys columns at espn page 2. He would discuss race and sports in the most thought-provoking ways imaginable. This is yet another great loss.

His last great ESPN column here....a must read


Posted by: Tman at June 15, 2004 10:57 AM

Now I hate to piss on everyone's Ralph Wiley Love Fest, but this guy's sports commentary came straight out the Black Victimology Box - and he's every bit the hate whitey bigot that Spike Lee is; his boyyyy. If only Spike could be next. (I know, I'm cruel. And hate racists of all kinds, too.)

You see, n----rs like him are the ones that are holding us back, the ones that do not wanna move beyond race. Of course, too cowardly to say it up front. Him, Bill Rhoden, Mike Wilbon, John Salley, Chuck D, Russell Simmons, and soooo many others = you, too, Jason Whitlock. Take a look while I vomit.....PTI, Best Damn Sports Show, the sports talk show of your choice awaits.

It's actually quite common: they simply look at the sports and/or entertainment figure's skin color, skip right over the issue, especially the morality part. Then, make every excuse to justify the black's action, and if necessary, condemning the white. Just-a-tip toein around serious, destructive issues with black athletes/entertainers.

EVERYTHING along racial lines, while telling dumbasses like yours truly that they're being objective. Right, right..... objectively bigoted - but that's okay; Blacks can't be racists, anyway. All under the guise of sport commentary.

Good riddance, Ralphy boy.

(Hey, never said I'd agree with everyone. And who knows, my heart could fail me tomorrow - I'm petrified - so what a great excuse to write a hate whitey sports column today!!)

Posted by: Beau at June 15, 2004 11:28 AM

From Wileys last column, for you Beau-

[speaking about the "Two on Two" show on ESPN where Larry Bird clumsily spoke about white and black atheletes in pro sports, Magic tried to defend him, and Lebron and Carmelo rolled their eyes]
"The concept of race came up, and the young men seemed to handle it much more adroitly and appropriately -- i.e., they didn't give a s*** about it -- than the old men did. As Bird became more verbally entangled in Iceberg Jim's web, 'Melo and LeBron looked on incredulously, and I wondered if all this was much more our problem than theirs. But then I decided, nahhhhh ..."

I never thought that Wiley "came straight out the Black Victimology Box", if anything he was stating what needed to be said. Read the rest of this article for more-


Posted by: Tman at June 15, 2004 11:43 AM

I didn't always agree with Wiley when he stepped outside the sports page; hell, I rarely did.

But, unlike many on that side of the fence, he had the rare gift of being able to actually SAY what he meant.

Too many moonbats can't say that for themselves.

Posted by: mhking at June 15, 2004 11:52 AM

Yeah Ralph Wiley was a liberal. I read his most well-known book years ago. I didn't know he was in his 50s. My prayers go out to his family.

Posted by: La Shawn Barber at June 15, 2004 12:41 PM


I'm a seasoned vet, so no need pass on any of his garbage for me to read......and don't flatter yourself in thinking I took your bait. Now send me a Spike Lee movie post-Mo Betta Blues so I can apply the Yankees mini-bat to it.

He's just another 50-something negro who's time has clearly passed. What, you think I'm a liberal willing to change, excuse me, LOWER standards 'cause a brotha got black skin?

Or maybe even waffle, flip-flop, possibly sit on the fence to see what everyone else is saying and jump the bandwagon?

Mr. T? Mrs. T? I hear your alarm clock goin off......keep dreamin. I've got more courage than that.

And have a nice day.

Posted by: Beau at June 15, 2004 01:45 PM


I thought his comment that the media beats us over the head with race related garbage issues, like Jim Greys question to Bird, was an example of how he brings a perspective to these issues that many people are feeling but not writing. Like he said with Lebron and Melo-

"The concept of race came up, and the young men seemed to handle it much more adroitly and appropriately -- i.e., they didn't give a s*** about it -- than the old men did."

Maybe you need to chill out. And stop dancing on a dead mans grave, that would be nice too.

And thanks, I'm having a wonderful day.

Posted by: Tman at June 15, 2004 02:12 PM


Posted by: ROGER GOLD at February 21, 2005 01:50 AM

Recent research from leading American universities has produced strong evidence that the civil rights revolution of the past half century has failed African Americans economically and educationally. Angela O’Rand and Mary Elizabeth Hughes, both professors of sociology at Duke University, reveal in their book The Life and Times of the Baby Boomers, released last week, that black Americans born between 1946 and 1964 earn only two thirds of what American whites earn—no more, relative to whites, than their parents and grandparents earned. Even more surprising is O’Rand and Hughes’s finding that African Americans were graduating at the same rate as whites eighty to ninety years ago, but that graduation rates for blacks peaked in the mid-1950s—at the start of the movement for racial integration. Professor Richard Sander, of the UCLA School of Law, reports on studies that indicate that affirmative action and similar programs has made blacks admitted to elite universities less likely to pursue Ph.Ds after four years of competition with white and Asian undergraduates than are black at state universities (from Stephen Cole and Elinor Barber’s Increasing Faculty Diversity, Harvard University Press, 2003), while Dartmouth psychologist Rogers Elliott and three colleagues discovered that half of blacks admitted to college by racial preferences abandon majors in science due to their academic disadvantage (“The Role of Ethnicity in Choosing and Leaving Science in Highly Selective Institutions,” 37 Research in Higher Education, 681, 695-696, 1996). Professor Hughes notes that the persistent failure to achieve racial equality in income and education “…suggests there are very deep root causes here, not one-answer causes.” Granted the cause isn’t the stock answer of “racism”—but it’s more than likely that race explains a good deal of the problem.

Posted by: Ames Tiedeman at May 24, 2005 02:54 PM
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