June 04, 2004

CNN has the billboard now...

Remember that billboard facing CNN Center and Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta from a few weeks back? You know the one, that said, "Come Home Connie, CNN Needs You."

The billboard had been the subject of a dispute between the sign's owner and Fox News Channel, the primary tenant of that billboard since 1999.

FNC wanted to place a message that, like it's predecessors, poked fun at CNN, but at the end said "Send resumes to 'Resumes-AT-foxnews.com.'"

The sign's new owners didn't think the message was funny and refused to place the billboard. Fox threatened to sue, claiming that the new owners were in cahoots with CNN.

The story went quiet for awhile; the new FNC billboard went up late last week without the resume line, only to be replaced with a CNN billboard early this week.

No one's talking about how it played out, but I'm sure some dollars exchanged hands across the board. And now that CNN's got the billboard, I'm sure no one else will get to put a message on it anytime soon.

Posted by mhking at June 4, 2004 11:15 AM

You're wrong. Any number of other people will be able to put a message on CNN's billboard. People that are leftwing nutcases will be featured. Ads for Moore's lastest opus or perhaps a running list of war dead ala Andy, he should be ruined, Rooney. Candid shots of Arabs wearing women's underwear on their heads. You get the picture.

You'll have ample opportunity to raise your blood pressure in the coming weeks and months.

Allah Akbar

Posted by: erp at June 5, 2004 01:44 PM
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