June 04, 2004

OJ's talks about a new tv gig and about Nicole on anniversary of murder

OJ Simpson, in an television interview with Greta Van Susteren to be broadcast this week on Fox News Channel, says that he's working on a new television show.

Simpson said, "It's a takeoff on something called 'Punk'd,' " an MTV hidden-camera show featuring Ashton Kutcher pranks on celebrities. "It's me doing gags as Juice ... what they call 'juicing' people."
In the interview, Simpson also talks about his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, who was brutally murdered June 12, 1994.
"There are times I am angry at her," the NFL Hall of Famer said in comments Fox News Channel aired last night. "There are things that she could be doing with the kids better than I, you know? When it's emotional stuff, especially with my daughter, I am angry with her. I am angry that she found herself hanging out with the group of — who are these people?"
Simpson was accused and acquitted of the murder of Nicole and her friend, Ron Goldman in the 1994 slayings, but later found liable in a civil trial.

Since families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were awarded $33.5 million in damages in 1997, Simpson and his children have lived quietly in Miami on a $4 million pension that is exempt from civil-court judgments.

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