June 03, 2004

MayahMar'nBar' is gonna run for DC City Council

Everyone's favorite former mayor-turned-druggie (remember "The bitch set me up!"), former DC mayor Marion Barry is floating suggestions that he's going to run for a city council seat in the Nation's Capitol.

Barry was forced out of office after an undercover drug arrest in 1990.

Barry is not saying he's running himself; he seems to enjoy playing coy with the local press.

No, the most recent rumblings come from Council member Sandy Allen. Allen told reporters this week that Barry said that he was definitely going to run against Allen for her 8th Ward seat in the September 14 Democratic Primary.

A showdown between Barry, 68, and Allen, 53, in the Sept. 14 Democratic primary would make for fascinating political theater. Barry is, of course, the former "mayor for life" who was disgraced after being videotaped smoking crack cocaine in an FBI sting at the Vista Hotel in 1990.

Barry was convicted of one misdemeanor count of drug possession later that year and served six months in prison. But he ran for and won the Ward 8 council seat in 1992 and was reelected as mayor in 1994. Three years later, he announced that he would not seek a fifth term, opening the door for the election of Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D).

Barry has until July 7 to qualify for the September election.

Posted by mhking at June 3, 2004 10:23 PM

As a DC resident, this scares the hell outta me! I love this city, but if he's elected to political office, I think I might have to move!

Posted by: Stone at June 3, 2004 10:58 PM

Good Lord, does this man EVER go away?

Posted by: frinklin at June 4, 2004 01:09 AM

Stone- I'm also a DC resident and I know he just might win! As if the people on the DC council aren't bad enough, now the citizens may want to bring back the man who turned DC into a national joke.

Michael- MayahMar'nBar': Hysterical!

Posted by: La Shawn Barber at June 4, 2004 10:08 AM

Well, that IS pretty much how it got pronouced back when we lived up there... [g]

Posted by: mhking at June 4, 2004 10:19 AM

Oh, and Stone? Atlanta is wonderful this time of year... [g]

Posted by: mhking at June 4, 2004 10:20 AM

Man!! Now that'll be a smoke-filled room!!

"Ah, Mr. Burry.......Murrian!! Pass the blunt, boy!! And don't be bogardin the pipe when it comes around, either. Now, let's hit the package store & head to Haynes Point......forget the agenda."

Posted by: Beau at June 4, 2004 11:18 AM

Haines Point -- talk 'bout bringing back some memories...[g]

Posted by: mhking at June 4, 2004 11:45 AM

Don't even start, Mike....I'm old school - lived in SE/SW D.C. for a couple/few years when I was college-aged.

Was Haines Point the next best thing to church on Sundays, or what?

DISCLAIMER: Umm, I said SECOND best, Lashawn(WINK).

Or maybe some Najee & George Duke at Fort Dupont Park?

How 'bout your favorite jazz musicians at the Carter Barron Amphitheater? (I luuuuuv DC)

And NO, Mike,, we won't be thuggin at Anacostia Park watching any Rare Essence, Mass Extinction, Trouble Funk.........or EU, for that matter.

Dem days is done; we're older & wiser now.


Posted by: Beau at June 4, 2004 12:16 PM

"Doin' it in the park!
Doin' it after dark!
Oh, yeah, Rock Creek Park,
Oh, yeah, Rock Creek Park..."

You want memories? I restored a '74 MGB - new top and all - we lived a couple blocks off of Beach Drive (16th & Eastern & Colesville). There was nothing like doin' Rock Creek Park all the way downtown with the top down at full speed...

Posted by: mhking at June 4, 2004 12:33 PM

Ah-haaah........convoyed down a few tims to Kings Dominion in an MG or MGB (78 or 79 model) and a Fiat X1/9 - memba dat? Then I destroyed the renowned King Cobra rollercoaster each trip.........first car, dawg!!! Small world.

The Blackbyrds? Got that joint on an Old School CD. Might have to pop it in on the way home.

I was over around MLK Jr. & Portland, down the street from St. Elizabeths and The MANHOLE (don't ask - I was young), and Kenny & Paul's Barber Shop. Yeah!!!

Thanks for the nostalgia.

Posted by: Beau at June 4, 2004 01:36 PM