August 12, 2005

NCAA says it may rethink Seminole ban

The NCAA has said that it may rethink it's post-season ban on Amerindian-based mascots, at least when it comes to the Florida State Seminoles.

The head of the committee that came up with the list of 18 schools affected by the ban, Walter Harrison, says that Florida State has "good grounds" to file an appeal.

Among the reasons, he (Harrison) said, are that the NCAA Executive Committee thought the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma opposed FSU's use of the Seminole image as a mascot.

That was based partly on letters the committee received from David Narcomey, a member of the General Council of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma.

But Narcomey was not authorized to speak on behalf of the tribal nation and "misrepresented" its view, the tribe's attorney general said Thursday.

In fact, Narcomey pushed for a tribal resolution condemning the use of American Indian mascots and imagery, specifically at FSU. It was defeated last month by an 18-2 vote.

Harrison, flooded with hundreds of e-mails from FSU fans, also said Thursday he wants to better understand FSU's history with the Seminoles.

No word on whether the NCAA's political correctness run-amok can be appealed by other schools who have ties to Indian tribal councils (including Central Michigan and Utah).

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