June 19, 2005

Bill Press has a radio show?

Former Crossfire panelist Bill Press is trying to get his syndicated radio show off of the ground, but he's having some problems.

Why is Bill Press facing so much resistance?

So far, only one station, in Akron, Ohio, is carrying "The Bill Press Show". Soon, SIRIUS will be picking it up for their left-wing talk channel (which will help only slightly), but otherwise, there are no takers.

According to reports, Press actually uses local identifiers such as station call letters, in a frank admission it's only heard there. From where is he broadcasting, though? Washington, Los Angeles, or did he relocate to Akron (which seems highly unlikely)?

With Air America faltering in the ratings nationally (don't believe me? Check Radio & Records), you'd think Press would have done a better job at his homework before taking to the air. Then again, dollar signs have made many a man do potentially foolish things.

Posted by mhking at June 19, 2005 11:16 PM
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