May 16, 2005

Fox apologizes to Sharpton & Jackson in phone calls

Mexican President Vicente Fox abruptly reversed course this evening, apologizing for racist statements against black Americans. Friday, Fox said that illegal Mexican immigrants did work that blacks wouldn't.

Fox repeatedly refused to back away from his Friday comment, saying his remark had been misinterpreted. But later, in telephone conversations with the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton the president said he "regretted" the statement.

"The president regretted any hurt feelings his statements may have caused," the Foreign Relations Department said in a press statement. "He expressed the great respect he and his administration has for the African-American community in the United States."

Jackson then suggested a meeting to discuss "joint strategies" between blacks and Mexican immigrants in the United States.

Did I miss something, or shouldn't Fox be more concerned with people in his own damn country, as opposed to taking care of illegals in THIS country?

Closing the border militarily has more and more appeal the more I hear of and from Fox. And then President Bush has the audacity to suggest a damn "guest worker" pseudo-amnesty program. I hope this mess wakes Bush up -- but I'm not holding my breath.

(More coverage from RyanVOX & others)

Posted by mhking at May 16, 2005 09:53 PM

vincente fox is a racist....he can not even keep is poor third world country out of economic they have to run to the usa for free everything....i am sick of those mexican immigrants coming over here and using up our resources...clogging up our hospitals and ruining them

Posted by: mike at May 17, 2005 01:56 PM
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