May 16, 2005

Newsweek update: Newsweek On Air cancelled in Boston, endangered elsewhere

Newsweek On Air, a weekly radio newshour (also available via podcast), has been cancelled by Boston affiliate WRKO on the heels of the revelation of their untrue story that claimed Guantanamo Bay interrogators flushed the Koran down a toilet in an attempt to secure cooperation from prisoners there.

Newsweek On Air senior editor and host David Alpern says that the program (broadcast Sundays in most markets) avoided the print publication's error, and in next week's show will examine what went wrong in the editorial process.

Other stations that carry Newsweek On Air include WNYC/New York, WTOP/Washington, KCBS/San Francisco, WSB/Atlanta and the Armed Forces Radio Network. No word about the show's status on any of those outlets presently.

UPDATE - 7:45P ET - Newsweek On Air's David Alpern insists that the WRKO cancellation was already in the works, and was not related to the current controversy

Newsweek has completely retracted the story, as opposed to "suggesting" that it "might be erroneous." Tapscott's criticizes Newsweek asking "Was Newsweek's Sin That The Koran Flushing Story Was Too Good Not to be True?"

Posted by mhking at May 16, 2005 05:01 PM

Boston's largest talk station, WRKO, has flushed Newsweek International down the toilet so to speak and replaced it with Pundit Review Radio, a show that promotes bloggers and thought leaders in the new media.

Our first guest this Sunday evening at 9pm is James Taranto from’s Best of the Web

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Posted by: Kevin at May 19, 2005 10:13 AM
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