March 24, 2005

Jailed Zimbabwe MP defies Mugabe

Roy Bennett is a white member of Parliament in Zimbabwe's crippled government. Bennett, like all other white farmers in that country, has had his land siezed by the corrupt thugs belonging to the regime of dictator Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe has declared virtual war against all whites in Zimbabwe, in an effort to "right past wrongs," as he puts it.

But then why would Mugabe fear Bennett?

One of the most hopeful signs for Zimbabwe's future is that many of its people openly reject the racist propaganda regularly trumpeted by the brutal and thuggish President Robert Mugabe.

As one of three whites in Zimbabwe's Parliament, Roy Bennett enjoys broad support among his mostly black constituents.

Why? Because his voters know it's about freedom, food on the table and hope for tomorrow, not Mugabe's racism and oppression. Bennett is a Movement For Democratic Change (opposition party) backbencher.

Mugabe has worked hard to punish Bennett for his political success, using his crooked ZANU-PF cronies in parliament to vote to place him in jail, after a floor fight Bennett maintains was part of a set-up.

Now Mugabe is trying to bar Bennett from running again from prison, but a high court ruling giving him a green light has the dictator fuming and working to undo it.

The Radio Equalizer's Brian Maloney chronicles the trials and tribulations of Maloney and his efforts to bring Zimbabwe into the 21st Century, and out from under the boot of Mugabe and his fellow thugs.

Take a look. If you are among the few that still think that Mugabe is not the vicious thug of a dictator that he actually is, this very well may open your eyes.

Posted by mhking at March 24, 2005 10:14 AM

I've been trying to tell some Black people in Chicago that this man is a dictator. On WVON talk radio, they had the Ambassador to Zimbabwe, he said absolutely nothing. I tried calling in, but by the time I got through, they were no longer taking calls. It is unfortunate that as Black people we have a tendency to support one another without assessing or analyzing the entire situation. We don't know who are what we are supporting at times. I agree this man is bad news…

Posted by: Cynthia at March 24, 2005 06:10 PM
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