January 28, 2005

Put Michael Jackson out of our misery! Please!

The circus that is the Michael Jackson child molestation trial gets underway with jury selection Monday morning. According to published reports, MJ has been ordered to be in court for the trial, which, undoubtedly will go on for months. It should provide plenty of fodder for CourtTV, Entertainment Tonight and the myriad of television analysts out there for the forseeable future.

CourtTV's Diane Dimond has found out some of the details regarding items confiscated from Jackson's Neverland Ranch during warranted searches.

One of the books confiscated from Jackson's home in 1993 is entitled "The Boy: A Photographic Essay." According to child erotica connoisseurs on the Internet, this rare book is considered to be "a homoerotic classic." The book, published in 1964, contains dozens of photographs of nude prepubescent boys, many in suggestive poses. There are nude boys captured outdoors, nude boys who appear to be posing for the camera, and boys displaying full frontal nudity.In addition to the book, CTV's I-Unit can confirm that investigators from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department also confiscated loads of pornographic material from various locations in Jackson's home.

Porn movies with titles like "Barely Legal" and "Pimp Up, Ho's Down" were taken from the entertainer's master bedroom. Pornographic materials were found in Jackson's master bathroom, his den and in a second-floor closet, as well.

Child porn. Plain and simple.

I have to echo my blog-sister Ambra.

For the love of the Lord crying out in the night...CONVICT Michael Jackson! Does God need to come down from the heavenlies in a burning bush and write it in neon letters for us all?

They found child erotica? CHILD EROTICA?! It still amazes me that despite mounting evidence to the contrary, researchers in this country refuse to draw any type of correlation between pornography and child molestation.

Michael Jackson is obviously every bit the scum and predator that everyone is finally starting to see him as.

The thousands of screaming, crying fans are insisting that there is a gigantic conspiracy against him, but for what!?

Michael Jackson is an eccentric on the order of Howard Hughes, which means he's got more money than the rest of us. That should not exempt him from the law, and especially if his actions endanger children in any way, shape or form.

What do we need, a heavenly bolt of lightning to strike him down in the middle of our television screens? For the love of God, put this man away where he won't see the light of day!

Posted by mhking at January 28, 2005 11:35 AM

This book appears to have a listing in Amazon (1966 pub, out of print, limited availability).

Posted by: Brainster at January 28, 2005 08:36 PM

Thank goodness someone else echoes my thoughts on MJ. He has just gotten weirder and weider over the years and finally has gone too far for me. Celebrity or not, he should be treated as any other person who is sick enough to commit this crime or heck any crime. I think its high time that celebrities shoul be held to the same standars as the rest of us..Great post.

Posted by: Sgt Fluffy at January 28, 2005 09:57 PM

AsI told my wife after the OJ trial, the issue in American justice is not if you're black or white, it's if you're poor or rich. I'm sure I couldn't have come out of Chappaquiddick as well as Teddy did, even though I'm white.

Posted by: BobG at January 28, 2005 10:45 PM

So whatever happened to innocent till proven guilty? What little deviant things do you do that you would like to have the PRESS convict you of. If he did these reprehensable things then fine, deball him. If he didn't then leave him be. YOU don't have the right to judge, or prejudge anyone. I'm sure from your comments you are close to pure!

Posted by: Phil Moffler at February 5, 2005 08:15 PM
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