October 07, 2004

CBS to BoycottCBS.com founder: "You're a putz!"

CBS has sent it's first statement to the founder of BoycottCBS.com, in the form of a snarky e-mail from CBS executive Ted Data to BoycottCBS.com founder Michael Paranzino.

Addressed to BoycottCBS.com founder Michael Paranzino, the email from the CBS’ “Black Rock” headquarters in New York City was brief and to the point:



Paranzino responded with aplomb to the e-mail.
“I’m flattered that CBS News executives read our web site, because we certainly don’t watch their news programs. CBS News debate ratings last night ranked fourth behind NBC, ABC, and Fox, which was showing baseball. It’s time for CBS executives to stop sending silly emails and start cleaning house at their troubled news department.

“And I’d like to thank Mr. Data for his email, which made me feel young again. I haven’t been called that since junior high.”

No other "official" word has come out of Black Rock to BoycottCBS.com's efforts.

Posted by mhking at October 7, 2004 10:06 AM
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