September 21, 2004

Atlanta area resident Hensley beheaded by AQ terrorists

Marietta resident Jack Hensley has been murdered by terrorists in Iraq.

An Islamic Web site posting Tuesday claimed an al-Qaida-related group slaughtered a second American hostage in Iraq (news - web sites), an announcement that came as the group's 24-hour deadline for meeting its demands expired.

"The nation's zealous children slaughtered the second American hostage ... after the end of the deadline," said the statement, posted under the pseudonym Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, who has posted past statements in the group's name.

The statement said video of the killing would be posted "soon."

Freakin' animals.

No, I shouldn't insult animals by the comparison. They are simply evil. They need to be put down. Period.

A Hensley family spokesperson is expected to come speak to the assembled local and national press outside the family home in Marietta as soon as "official" word comes from the State Department.

UPDATE 3:45P According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the White House had spoken to Hensley's family earlier today.

The Marietta family of Iraq hostage Jack Hensley received a call from the White House earlier Tuesday, family spokesman Jake Haley said. Haley said they spoke to Andrew Card, Bush's chief of staff.

"They said they were doing everything they can," Haley said during a brief statement to reporters outside the Hensley home. "It was nice to hear from them."

The AJC talks about the message that accompanied the AQ announcement of Hensley's decapitation.
"The youths of Tawhid and Jihad killed the second American hostage after the end of the deadline," the statement said. It was signed with the pseudonym Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, according to AP.

"The nation's zealous children slaughtered the second American hostage ... after the end of the deadline. ... We will provide you with film of the slaughter soon, God willing," said the statement.

The brief statement did not give the name of the hostage killed.

Of the two remaining hostages, Hensley was the only American. Presumably, with the demand primarily being against the US, Hensley was the one chosen to be murdered.

These monsters need to die. Quickly. Painfully. Decisively. Unmercifully.

I'll have more details and links as they become available.

UPDATE 6:15p Jack Hensley's family has set up a website,, where arrangements and presumably a memorial guestbook will be available. Also on that site, is an address for anyone who wishes to donate to a memorial fund for Hensley's widow and daughter.

Jack Hensley would have been 49 years old tomorrow. He and his wife were married 23 years; his daughter, Sara, is 13 years old.

UPDATE 11P - Here locally, Hensley's family is holding out fleeting hope that the lack of a release of a video or stills may indicate that Hensley is still alive.

Posted by mhking at September 21, 2004 02:33 PM

I'm interested in the story from the local level so I hope you can and will update us.

Posted by: Chad Evans at September 21, 2004 04:03 PM

Who on earth are you to speak of terrorists in Iraq? Your fucking imperialist government is occupying countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, killing thousands of innocent people there. Then one American who has NOTHING to do in Iraq is killed, and you scream. I'd tell you that if you enter MY house, MY country, without any permission from a legitimate government you would get the same treatment. Stupid American.

Jesper, Denmark

Posted by: Jesper, Denmark at September 21, 2004 07:06 PM

I started to take this last asswipe's comments down, but I thought better of it. It shows what kind of brain-dead individuals think of people trying to help put torn lands back together.

That's what Jack Hensley was doing. Trying to help rebuild the infrastructure of Iraq.

And those monsters butchered him. As far as I'm concerned, those monsters deserve to be exterminated. Period.

I know it isn't the Christian thing to do, but I'm not having Christ-like thoughts about these monsters.

Posted by: mhking at September 21, 2004 11:07 PM

Hullo, I just want to say, that this "Jesper"-fellow have been haunting my danish weblog recently with similar statements, and that he has placed his comment here by following a direct link from my blog. So it´s my fault ;-)
I have tried to reason with him about these killings, mainly by asking for justification of the killing of the civilian nepalese, and also by asking about international agreements for warfare, treatment of prisoners, and the way the islamists have chosen to rid their captives of their lives.
Alas, all has been in vain. Reason does not seem to be his area.
Your decision to leave his comment up is, IMO, the right one.

Posted by: sfw at September 22, 2004 03:46 AM

Mr. American, Jack Hensley was not "helping Iraq". And this question is not up to him, you or me to decide, but to the Iraqis. They killed him because he was an invader. No American was killed in Iraq before the war. Dan Rather, for instance, went to Baghdad to interview Saddam Hussein before the war. Mr. Rather is fortunately still alive because he was invited. Hensley wanted to make some money and was not invited. That became his mortal problem.

Your country has destroyed Iraq. By maintaining genocidal sanctions for more than 12 years, by making a war based on outright lies (Bush is a war criminal because he, just like the Nazis, has been waging a war of aggression, and should be hanged, just like the Nazis did after the Nuremberg Trial), and by occupying Iraq. Big US corporations are now "rebuilding" and making huge profits from what your military machine demolished. The US is drinking the Iraqi oil. You call it "rebuilding". I and many others call it armed robbery. We support the legitimate Iraqi resistance. Mind you that my country, Denmark, was occupied by Hitler during the WW2. Danes killed Germans and collaborators here as well. Generally, people don't like to be occupied.

No occupyier is welcome in Iraq and will be killed, and I will defend any day. What if Saddam Hussein went to the US, and told you and your family what to do, and then killed your family and relatives by dropping bombs on them? Wouldn't you resist? I hope you would, and I would it support it.

No matter what you think, the US will be defeated in Iraq. Your sons and daugthers will be killed in Iraq. I, as a Dane, do not like to see people die, whether they are Iraqis, British or American, but at the same time I think that the only good occupyier is a DEAD occupyier. You call yourself Christian. Fortunately, not all Christians are like you.

Posted by: Jesper, Denmark at September 22, 2004 03:54 AM

Hey Jesper come to the US. I would love to show you what I think of you personally you self righteous cocksucker. You have nothing where you come from. Your country doesnt have shit to back itself up. If your country had a 9-11 they be screwed because noone would help their stupid asses. People like you need to be shot and killed just like the terrorist scumbags that are in Iraq. And you know what, the way I see it is fuck em all. Kill em all! And anyone who gets in our way in the process is just a casualty of war. I dont give a shit about you or your bullshit country and I certainlt dont give a shit about who gets killed in Iraq. We could carpet bomb the whole country in my opinion and just rid the world of future scumbags. SO FUCK YOU YOU LITTLE DANISH ASSHOLE!!

Posted by: Paul at September 22, 2004 10:22 AM

Now, now...Jesper is entitled to his own ridiculous opinion. But, I think maybe the Kurds DID invite us, because they were being systematically wiped out by the previous administration. Perhaps we should have ignored that for a few more years in Iraq & Denmark during WWII...Jesper probably would be typing his opinion German!

Posted by: Daemyon at September 22, 2004 04:06 PM

Yeah, Paul. You sound like a very "wise" person, confirming my worst nightmares about stupid Americans who watch too much Fox News and CNN. Here we consider these channels as just garbage.

But you are right that the US has the military power, but even the Roman Empire ended.

Normally, I do not wish for war, but I think that with you, Paul, a war, carpet bombing over the US, would be the only thing which could make you understand what "your great country" is doing in the world. 9/11 is the only time that the US has been hit. Only 3000 people died. Actually not worth mentioning compared to the millions that the US has killed. In Vietnam, you killed 3.5 millions, but all you remember are the 58,000 US occupation troops. None of them are heroes. The true heroes are them who never went to war.

Daemyon: The Kurds had their own region in the North, a region established in 1991. They were not in a position to "invite" anybody to Iraq. Actually the Iraqi Kurds had a much better life in Saddam Hussein's Iraq than Kurds living in Turkey, a close US ally. The Halabja chemical attack in 1988 was a battle of the ongoing Iran-Iraq war. The Kurds were caught in the middle as the Iranians moved into Iraq. Actually, much of the chemical weapons in Iraq came from the US and the UK. The completely shallow Rumsfeld visited Baghdad in 1983 and shook hands with Saddam himself. Your government is a bunch of lying war criminals, just like my own here in Denmark. They should all be judged for their crimes.

Posted by: Jesper, Denmark at September 22, 2004 05:36 PM

Give it up trying to reason with that hopeless Eurotrash. Jesper is just like one of those rat bastard terrorists. There's no reasoning with them as they're too full of blind hatred for the US to make any sense.

Maybe one day after all of their appeasing ways have failed and they're living under Fundamentalist Islamic rule or some forthcoming eurotrash dictator they'll realize their stupidity.

Posted by: bjc at September 22, 2004 06:14 PM

Jesper, Abu Musab Al Zarqawi is NOT an Iraqi. He's a Jordanian. Last time I checked the United States is "occupying" Jordan and last time I checked Denmark was an integral ally in our fight. I'm glad that majority of people from Denmark understand that this fight isn't about Iraq or Afghanistan. It's about you life, my life and everyone else's.

Posted by: Chad Evans at September 22, 2004 06:18 PM

Chad, from where do you know it is al-Zarqawi? The US says it is him, but the US also said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and ties with al-Qaida. Both were lies. What one has to understand is that al-Qaida plays no role in Iraq. Maybe some of them make minor actions, cut some heads and so on. But the resistance stems from the Iraqis themselves. It was all organized before the war as Scott Ritter has wisely stated. The occupation has made even more Iraqis angry at the US and the occupation.

Concerning my own country, we have never had a more pro-US government than we have now, but in the population there is a majority that thinks that the Danish troops should get out of Iraq if the elections are not held in January 2005. Right now there is an intense debate about the Danish participation in Iraq. No Dane has been killed in Iraq yet, but WHEN not IF it happens, the discussion will get even more hot.

Posted by: Jesper, Denmark at September 22, 2004 06:31 PM

Hey Jesper I'm 15 and my knowledge of the war and viewpoints can be recognized as more intelligent than yours. When was the last time a man of your own country was executed. Okay lets narrow this down. When was the last time one of your innocent country men was barbarically executed by beheading and video taped for his family and the rest of the world to see. All humans make bad descisions, but very few have the honor Americans do. There are no lies there are mistakes. If Iraq doesn't harbor terrorists or illegal hazardous substances then why did our soldiers recieve gascious welcomes in the beginnings of the war. And what are all these terrorists camps that are being bombed? Bush was justified by moving into Iraq even if for other reasons if not those of his original intent. 9/11 wasn't the first time we've been grossly massacred by assaults on our citizens. What about Pearl Harbor. We've won our wars but we've lost many people as a result. 3000 people isn't a small number either. Atleast half of those had 5 member families that lost everything to the attack. Whats the number look like now? Once again when was the last time someone attacked Denmark? Maybe we are somewhat ignorant as a people. As a teenager I recognize the media's brainwashing like techniques and I'm not affected by them. I understand that hatred of another country can come from what I see on the tv and not what actually goes on. But Iraq can't talk. Most of those terrorists dont know why they hate us they just do because their parents did and the parents before them. Maybe it sounds childish and maybe it is. But please remember they started it. And we will finish it. How long will it take? As long as they are still fighting we will be to. How much will it cost? You can ask Bush when hes done. Don't be overly oppinionated especially if you have a whole slew of people telling you your wrong. Thanks

Posted by: Josh at September 22, 2004 07:25 PM

Hey, everyone's got their first amendment rights...oh wait, except for Jesper. And last I checked, NATO and the UN have bailed out on us, so anyone that isn't helping in this conflict, gets no opinion. I am a soldier. I just came back from the desert. And if you'd seen HALF the things I'd seen there, or knew just a little of what I know about what's going on, you wouldn't make comments about harboring terrorists and weapons of mass destruction. Just to give you a hint, we HAVE found enough serin gas and smallpox to take out a small American city in Iraq. Too bad the liberal TV stations don't spread that news. Bad for business and all. God bless our troops and God bless America.

Posted by: Sgt. Slaughter at September 22, 2004 10:24 PM

I'm muslim and i am so sorry for Hensley family.
Islam is a religion of peace and respect.
I would like to insist on the fact that Islam has nothing to do with those animals, those killers. Those horrible acts can not also be justified by a war of liberation or resistance.

During the wars that the prophet of islam Mohamed was leading against the invaders and enemies of islam, fourtheen centuries ago, it was never permitted to a muslim to use terror, or barbarian acts against the enemy, or consider civilians as enemy. It was the opposite; people who were invading muslims was cruel and barbarian.

Dear Hensley family, beleive me, the muslims around the world share your pain and claim that islam is innocent from such acts and such people. they are our enemies, because they kill in the name of islam and liberation, just to justify to muslim public opinion around the world their acts of terrorism.

God is great, and he won't let such criminals kill in his name.

Posted by: citizenforpeace at September 23, 2004 03:44 AM

First of all, Hensley was brutally murdered. No argument there. No one has the right to kill anyone like that. Of course he was in the middle of a war and people do die in wars, soldiers or not. This is the world we live in. There are international rules even on how one can kill enemies during war time, but that’s not one of them (you are allowed to bury your enemies, though, and that doesn’t sound fast or painless either).

Anyway, I’m posting because I didn’t read anything 100% wrong or 100% right (apart from those “I’ll bomb everything and kill you all” outbursts). It is a fact that if Jesper is sharing his opinion today, that’s because the Americans and their allies ended WWII. Plus, we will never know, but it does seem that nothing less than the nuclear strike would have won the war. So, the Americans did win it for the sake of Europe, at least from the perspective of the invaded or the would-be-invaded, like myself. And for that, millions died. Fathers, mothers, sons, daughters… and I doubt that the majority of them would have wanted to go side by side with the Germans, or the Americans for that matter. They just wanted to live their lives happily, like you and me.

On the other hand, there are a lot of countries were human rights are not respected and/or were terrorists train and hide and/or were nuclear power really exists, so it pains me to see that it’s not obvious to the majority of the Americans that the choice for invading Iraq had more to do with oil than with anything else. I’m not saying only, I’m saying more than it should from a humanity’s best interest point of view.

So, war is crap and what’s the difference here? Well, in the past, the ones that started wars were called the bad guys, always due to having a crazy guy calling the shots, and then the good guys united to stop them. Here, the difference is… in my opinion… none. Bush decided to take America to war on its own, without the agreement of the international community. Now that, at least outside America, most everybody has no doubts about that, the fact remains that the “bad guys” are still there, even if a lot of allied “good guys” are too. So, it would be a bit like having the Nazis helping France to rebuild. Most of all, if killing Hitler solved (or, at least, reduced) the Nazi problem and placed Germany on the “good guys” list, I think American people have a great chance to do the same in the upcoming elections.

Posted by: caerp, Portugal at September 23, 2004 06:49 AM

what is happening on this planet...what sort of animals has the human race stooped to especially in iraq...2 more hostages slaughtered and possibly a 3rd one about to happen...i do think bush/blair are responsible to begin deeply shocked whats happening in our society all in the name of god/allah etc...

Posted by: mrtarrentino at September 23, 2004 08:51 AM

"Give it up trying to reason with that hopeless Eurotrash. Jesper is just like one of those rat bastard terrorists. There's no reasoning with them as they're too full of blind hatred for the US to make any sense.

Maybe one day after all of their appeasing ways have failed and they're living under Fundamentalist Islamic rule or some forthcoming eurotrash dictator they'll realize their stupidity."

bjc. you are a moron!!!!

You wanna talk about european appeasement do you.

1. Where was America in the 1930s? Prescott Bush is known for his pro nazi links and actions. Joseph P Kennedy the American Ambassador to UK was an anti-semitic bastard appeaser who wrote Britain off as done for.

2. 1956 Hungarian uprising massacred. where was America?

3. Appeasing and supporting a brutal government in South Korea for nearly 15 years.

4. Iran Contra.

5. Weapons to Saddam in the 1980s.

6. Tiannenmen Sqaure 1989. Where was America.

7. 1991 America encourages the southern iraqis to rebel and then steps aside and watches Saddam slaughter them.

and last but by no means least. ARIEL SHARON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The EU is rapidly catching up USA in trade and economic terms and was strong enough to shove 300 million dollars worth of trade sacntions down your throats in March. There are NATO troops in Afghanistan as a result of NATO allies invoking the Alliance following 9/11.

You talk about jealously of the eurotrash as you ignorant pricks calls us.l Kenneth Bigley is about to be executed because of AMERICA and our govts spinelss support of it. NICE JOB BOYS!!!!!!

Posted by: young-white-and-liberal at September 23, 2004 09:19 AM


Posted by: Angela at September 23, 2004 05:13 PM

To Young White Liberal: I suppose your european and I can fully picture a skinny white guy with a high pitched voice preaching to us Americans. I speak for America when I say I'm sorry we weren't their to play Super Man for all the terrible happenings early in our history. And you insult our intelligence calling us ignorant when Europe is in the economical boom because of our actions of our soldiers. This comment section was created for people who feel bad for the Hensley family, not ignorant european's that wish to insult Americans. Grow up before you try and express your views online and maybe you wont sound as childish.

Posted by: Josh at September 23, 2004 06:21 PM

Those who hide their faces while taking Allah's, God's, (or whoever or whatever you worship)creature's life, have to be the BIGGEST and LOWEST COWARDS in the world. This is a personal comment to you Cowards that hide your faces while slitting a bound person's throat. People who do such things can't even be put into the ranks of hunters who kill animals, because hunters don't hide their faces, and most of them, once they reach a level of maturity, come to the realization that what they have done is wrong. Hunters can be forgiven. Even soldiers have an honor--you killers obviously have no moral conscious at all. Heaven help us to allow you to be condemed to the eternal damnation that the Almightly brings down upon you and I pray that we have the strength to show NO MERCY! You are making your country look like the evil place the Quoran speaks of. Your deviate behavior smacks of sexual sadism. On the day a US trooper puts a bullet in your head, and you are dispatched to meet your 7 virgins, you will probably only be able to sit in the coner and rub that little thing between your legs. You are not a man. Your country and religion is evil. Salmon Rushdie was right. The great SATAN is not in America. dru in TX

Posted by: dru in Texas at September 23, 2004 07:07 PM

young-white-and-liberal (little puke):

"You wanna talk about european appeasement do you? -Where was America in the 1930s? Prescott Bush is known for his pro nazi links and actions. Joseph P Kennedy the American Ambassador to UK was an anti-semitic bastard appeaser who wrote Britain off as done for."

It’s true that the US did not enter the war before being attacked in 1941. Will the appeasers of Europe make the same mistake in this war? Prescott Bush a nazi sympathizer? – Yeah, right-and Elvis still walks the streets of Nashville. Get with it …you must get all of your information from internet e-rumors. Even IF there were any real basis to your charge, are you implying that we should hold ‘W’ responsible for the actions of his grandfather? If you’re going to invoke that policy then be prepared to put all of Germany’s citizens on trial today. And don’t pretend like your own forefathers were squeaky clean either you hypocritical liberal puke!

"1956 Hungarian uprising massacred. Where was America?"

Where was America? How about asking where the hell was Europe? – Hungary is your own back yard for Christ's sake. What – are you now criticizing the US for not being the world cop then while out of the other side of your mouth bitching us out for doing it now? - What a hypocritical son of a bitch you are!!!

"Appeasing and supporting a brutal government in South Korea for nearly 15 years."

Yeah, as if the other side of the border to the north has been a bastion for peace and prosperity for its citizens – get real!!

"Iran Contra? "

Yeah, you probably have a point here. Providing any of those Islamic bastards in that part of the world any weapons other than spitballs is probably a bad idea. The only way that they should be given a weapon is if it’s a very large nuclear bomb with 0.01 seconds left on the timer.

"Weapons to Saddam in the 1980s."

Well gee, I guess we’ve reversed that action now – happy?

"Tiannenmen Sqaure 1989. Where was America."

Again – where the hell was Europe? Asking us to be a cop again you pathetic liberal hypocrite?

"1991 America encourages the southern iraqis to rebel and then steps aside and watches Saddam slaughter them."

I’d bet money that if you were out of diapers by that time, you were protesting the US decision to go into war at that time too you worthless piece of human debris!

and last but by no means least. ARIEL SHARON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh right – another leader of his country that actually dares take action to defend his citizens from terrorist bastards – how dare he!!!! You’re such a pansy ass terrorist appeaser it pitiful. It really is pathetic how screwed up your mind is. And you have the audacity to call me a moron!!! LOL.

The EU is rapidly catching up USA in trade and economic terms and was strong enough to shove 300 million dollars worth of trade sacntions down your throats in March.

Bring it on!!!

There are NATO troops in Afghanistan as a result of NATO allies invoking the Alliance following 9/11.

Oh yeah, right – how many dozen? Don’t get me wrong, we’re thankful for any help in this effort to rid the world of AQ bastards but don’t pretend for a second like you’re carrying the ball!!

You talk about jealously of the eurotrash as you ignorant pricks calls us.l Kenneth Bigley is about to be executed because of AMERICA and our govts spinelss support of it. NICE JOB BOYS!!!!!!

Where the hell did I say anything about jealousy? Or can’t you read? – MORON! And as far as any further victims of the AQ scum I pray for the day that our forces can storm their strongholds and wipe the bastards out with the same merciless vigor that they show their victims.

Finally, with your last statement you show how screwed up your thinking is – Coddle the perpetrators that commit these atrocities and blame the ones who try to do something about it!! Thanks for proving my argument you spineless appeasing Eurotrash piece of shit!!!

Posted by: bjc at September 24, 2004 12:34 AM

i think jasper is right. and if u think that iraqi are animals you should watch the movie "afghan massacre" and see how americans slaughtered 3,000 afghani innocents.

Posted by: dude at May 6, 2005 01:22 PM

Sorry to bring this up again, but the 1 year anniversary of these 3 people's murder is coming up.

If any of you knew the heart of a true American, you'd know we stand for nothing less than rights for every human being.

For christs sake, we are offering lethal injections to people who do the most horrific of crimes.. Even murderous thugs get "Humane" killing, no matter how horrific his crime. Which I personally do not agree with, I think the punishment should fit the nature of the crime.

With that said, not every American feels agrees with Bush, his administration, or any of the likes.. We're not all hate-mongored monsters the terrorists comitting these act's portray us to be.

We have our bad apples, but so does every damned country on the face of this earth..

There's not one place, or one country in existance throughout any period of time occupied by human life that has not had atleast one killing, robbery of a person, defiling of a woman, etc etc..

You think we're bad? Look at yourself. You have just as much blood on your hands as us Americans do, so does every damned country in this earth.

This is personally why I do not believe in religion. It does nothing but divide the world.

I don't want my kids growing up in this kind of world. I don't want my kid's kids growing up in this kind of world. I don't want anyone's kids growing up in this world.

We're all monsters. Not any one country.. ALL OF US! But there are some people who are the best person they can be.

I just wish there were alot more people like those people, who care about human life, and give respects to people.

If you all can't see, hatred is born in all of us.. Not just USA, not just UK, not just Iraq, it's born in all of us as a human being. Even in this blog, I see the hatred, the violence, the uncaring soul.. Not just Jesper, but all of us..

I don't wish war on anyone, and I don't wish death on anyone, but for anyone who commits a murder (these terrorists, and the thugs like them we have in gangs and in our own communities in our own country), I wish the death they impose on others.

I share a bond with each nationality, but I have a pure-hatred for the human soul. The human soul which shows no morals, no compasion, no human decency..

That's all I'm gonna say.

Posted by: douglas at September 5, 2005 03:30 AM

I came across this blog by accident, but I thought I would read some of the comments that were posted about my friend Jack Hensley. Wednesday was indeed the one year anniversary of Jacks senseless death and as a matter of fact, Thursday would have been his 50th birtday. I have to say that the person who posted the negative comments on this board must truly be a heartless person. The fact is that Jack loved the Iraqi people and was there to help them. He was trying to help rebuild that country and was in no way affiliated with the military. He gave his life for that country in my opinion. I still miss him everyday, especially right here at the anniversary of his death. I have been fortunate enough to spend a great amount of time with his daughter and his wife this week and I must say they are holding up pretty well. I noticed that most of the postings on this board are from Sept. 2004 so I'm not sure if anyone will read this or not, I just felt obligated to say something after reading Jespers comments. It saddens me greatly that anyone would make such horrific comments about such a beautiful human being but I will take into consideration that he was not fortunate enough to know Jack, otherwise, he would have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. His memory forever lives in the hearts of those of us who were graced with his friendship.

Posted by: Jacks friend at September 23, 2005 03:17 PM
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