August 30, 2004

Ed Koch visits Bloggers Row at the RNC

With the Republican National Convention in full stride, one of the early speakers, former Democratic NYC mayor Ed Koch, stopped by the "Bloggers Row" area of the convention hall to talk with the folks in attendance, and discuss his support for the President.

Koch welcomed the delegates to New York, and introduced Mayor Michael Bloomberg this morning.

Posted by mhking at August 30, 2004 01:49 PM

I am an indepedent voter and am frankly afraid and appalled
this election year. We are supposed to be a nation that can
compromise when it comes to difficult issues. The problem is
that it is hard to do so with someone who sees only black and
white. Such is the case with George W. Bush.
> Everything I have been reading and hearing says that the
country is divided like never before. The Democrats only agenda
is to get Bush out of office and they are braced for the battle
of a lifetime. Unfortunately, the democratic nominee is not a
strong one. John Kerry is seen as a waffler on too many issues.
He holds the reigns of the party only out of fear of a Bush
> On the other hand it seems, the Bush team has a very limited
agenda also, which is the war on terror and the lining of their
own pockets. The Republicans have to consider that there is a real possibility of defeat in November. The Bush/Cheny ticket poses another problem as well.
If they do get elected, the margin will be a narrow one and they
will have an uphill battle fighting all the antipathy created
not only in this country, but the rest of the world. I don't see
how he can be an effective president. Is he going to attack
another country in the name of terrorism when his approval
ratings sinks?
> I wish George W. would recognize that his sucess after 9/11 is
a thing of the past and it is time for the country and the world
to move on. If he were a real leader he would recognize this and
bow out for the sake of world hormony. But I know he is not the
kind of person that could admit to making some mistakes and put
other's interest ahead of his own. Therefore, I call on Governor
George Pataki to step up to the plate and arrange a team that
could convince the Republican delegates that he is a much safer
choice and a candidate that could beat John Kerry.
> Everyone would win, except for Bush/Cheny but who cares. Our children could have hope again and grow up in a much safer world.
> David Stephenson MD

Posted by: David Stephenson at August 30, 2004 03:07 PM

So, Dr. Stephenson, do you often post forwards of your own chain emails as comments to political blogs? Or are you just spewing divisive rant-bait for fun? The Bush team's agenda is limited to "lining their own pockets?" Sounds like slanderous slime-ball smear tactics to me, Dr. Stephenson. Maybe you should listen to your own "independent" partisan rhetoric.

Posted by: SparseMatrix at August 30, 2004 04:24 PM
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