July 27, 2005

New Chicago skyscraper to be nation's tallest

A new 115-story skyscraper in Chicago would take the title of America's tallest building away from Chicago's Sears Tower if it's built.

The Fordham Spire is planned for Chicago's lakefront adjacent to Navy Pier. The 115-story building would rise 1,458 feet without it's spire -- 8 feet taller than the Sears Tower. With the spire, the building would top out at 2,000 feet, eclipsing the under-construction Freedom Tower in New York. The Freedom Tower's height (with antenna mast) will ultimately be 1,776 feet.

The proposed Chicago skyscraper, designed in a twisting shape like an enormous drill bit, is designed by the Spanish-born architect and engineer who designed the Milwaukee Art Museum addition and the Athens Olympic sports complex.

No financing for what would be a hotel and condo tower has yet been arranged, said (developer Christopher) Carley, the chairman of Fordham Co. The new building would be called the Fordham Spire.

Construction would not begin until there are sales agreements for about 40 percent of its units, Carley said. He said he'd like to break ground in March and complete the building in four years.

The world's tallest building presently is Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan. The height of the Burj Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is a closely guarded secret, but it is believed that it will be more than 2,300 feet when completed in 2008.

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