July 28, 2004

DNC - Boston observations at half time

No, I'm not in Boston, but from out here in the hinterlands with the "unwashed masses," we are getting images and sounds from Beantown, and wondering whether or not we should turn the channel over to the new episode of Nip/Tuck or stay with this train wreck.

  • Syndicated KABC radio host Larry Elder scored an interview with comedian and Air America host Janeane Garofalo yesterday.

    Though the interview was short, Garofalo pulled out her entire arsenal of verbal assaults (Conservatives are bigots, Ashcroft is violating the Constitution, et. al.). When she couldn't make headway with the "Sage of South Central," she pulled out her hole card: accusing Elder of being a Republican shill, and a black man who's lost his way, and not thinking with his own mind.

    Leave it to the leftists to resort to personal insults when logic can't be overcome.

  • ABC News Now, the digital tv/cable/online channel that ABC is running their long-form news on is actually pretty good!

    Yes, I have to stomach Peter Jennings' personal comments and biases, but other than that, the coverage has been pretty even-handed so far.

    My only complaint? Hewlett-Packard has more ads than that damned Toys-R-Us ad that gets played at least 10 times per hour! I realize that HP is paying for ad space, but play some of HP's other frazzlin' ads, why don't ya!?

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