July 21, 2004

Saudis find Paul Johnson's severed head in freezer

Saudi security forces, during a raid on on the house of Saudi Arabia's Al Qaeda leader, found Paul Johnson's severed head stored in a freezer, according to Saudi authorities today.

Authorities said the head was found as Saudi security forces raided the home of Saleh Mohammed al-Aoofi. Two militants were killed and three were wounded in the sweep, but it was not clear if al-Aoofi was among them.

In a statement, broadcast on Saudi al-Ekhbariya television monitored in Cairo, the Interior Ministry said the head was found in a freezer in the apartment. The statement said the rest of the body was not found.

Johnson was beheaded by AQ terrorists last month in Saudi Arabia, after which still pictures were shown on the internet. A video of Johnson's decapitation murder was released last week on an AQ-associated website.

Johnson had been kidnapped outside his apartment in Saudi Arabia. AQ terrorists demanded that American forces leave Iraq, in exchange for Johnson's life. After their demands weren't met, the terrorists brutally murdered Johnson.

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