July 14, 2004

Malkin: "We will pay a grisly price...for capitulation"

And while I'm reading Michelle's blog this morning, let me note that her new column is up, The mollycoddling milksops of Manila.

She, like many of us, is disappointed in the leadership of the Philippines, including Philippine president Gloria Macagapal-Arroyo, who has folded and gotten soggy like cheap toilet paper in the face of the threat to kidnapped Philippine-national Angelo de la Cruz. de la Cruz was kidnapped last week while shipping fuel for an American company from Saudi Arabia to Baghdad.

Pictures have come out on Al Jazeera with de la Cruz in an orange jumpsuit (as previous kidnappees have been seen). The images were accompanied, as in past cases, by a threat to behead him if the Philippines did not withdraw their forces.

The Filipino government is folding under the threat and vowing to remove their forces (only 51 strong) early.

Arroyo is not merely the protector of one man and one family. She is not only a parochial leader of one people. Arroyo proclaimed herself a front-line warrior in the battle against global terror. Last spring, she came to Washington, embraced President Bush, and heralded her tight relationship with the United States.

"(T)he Philippines is one of the first countries to join this war on terror," Arroyo said. "And the reason why we did it is that we in the Philippines know what it is to suffer from the hands of terrorism. We know the pain of terrorism. And we are with you in your leadership against terrorism, wherever it may be found."

We are with you. Remember those words.

Add the flag of the Philippines to the International Hall of Appeasers. Sign this pitiful nation up for a lifetime membership to the Axis of Weasels. And remind me never again to brag about the proud fighting spirit of my ancestors.

So The Philippines will join Spain as cowards who allow the terrorists to win. Emboldened, look for the terrorists to grab more potential beheading victims as the summer continues.

Posted by mhking at July 14, 2004 07:44 AM

Man, I love her writing style! I knew she would come up with something on this.

Posted by: La Shawn at July 14, 2004 05:43 PM
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