July 02, 2004

Could Coach K be headed for LA?

ESPN is reporting this morning that Duke University coach Mike Krzyzewski has been offered the LA Lakers' coaching spot recently vacated Phil Jackson.

57 year-old Krzyzewski will have the final word on the move, but it's hardly a done deal.

Coach K has written his own ticket at Duke, and is truly the big man on campus. Rumors have swirled around his moving to the NBA before, but those rumors have always been for naught.

Also mentioned with this rumor is that Krzyzewski would be the thing to keep Kobe Bryant with the Lakers. Currently, he's a free agent, and has most recently been talking with that "other" Los Angeles team, the Clippers.

And while Shaquille O'Neal has talked about leaving the Lakers, Coach K at the helm might give the big man reason to stick around as well.

The rumors continue to swirl, and until Krzyzewski makes a decision, they will continue to be so much dust in the wind.

Posted by mhking at July 2, 2004 08:13 AM
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