May 29, 2004

Saturday morning in the King Treehouse

Saturday mornings are quiet around the treehouse.

I can usually sit downstairs with a cup of coffee before the house stirs, and surf or listen to music or think or piddle or some other such thing.

This morning, I'm given to doing half of all the above simultaneously. Life will intrude soon enough -- I've got a couple of letters that have to be done today, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed wants to go to the new Home Depot Landscape Warehouse (which just opened close-by); the Angst-ridden, love-smitten teenager wants to go to the mall (when does she NOT want to go?); Number One Son (who scowls at his older sister when she calls him Lemonhead) just wants to get out of the house, and The Baby (who dances so much to the Badger-Badger-Badger song that her older sibs call her Badger) just wants some attention.

Add to that the wedding Rae and I have to attend this afternoon (I'm not in the mood for a frelling wedding, but She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed frowns at me when I subtly hint at other activities instead; which, of course means I'm going). Then the market journey intrudes...

But all that is yet to come this morning. Dad has yet to call - his phone call usually signals the rest of the household to stir all at once.

No, this morning, I'm actually trying to hash out in my mind, the real first chapter of the book.

The book has been playing with itself in fits and starts in my mind for more than two years now, with bits and pieces playing itself out in my articles, both online and not. I've got many of the chapters outlined in relative detail, and ongoing events push around those details like so many rubber ducks floating in the bathtub.

But the opening chapter has always eluded me.

I'm finally finding some measure of foraging in that direction though. I hope. Maybe.

Posted by mhking at May 29, 2004 08:38 AM

Your book has been playing with itself like rubber ducks in a bathtub?

I think that is quite possibly the world's greatest ever inadvertantly funny metaphore.

Posted by: Beck at May 30, 2004 02:34 AM

Good God, Michael. And good luck.
I've been "toying" with the idea of writing a book since I
I just started my 80th version of Chapter 1 the other night. Of course, I'm assuming yours will be political or at least non-fiction.
I've chosen to torture myself by writing a novel. I have no doubt the entire idea will be forfeited at the first sign of trouble!!

Posted by: Julie Anne Fidler at May 30, 2004 03:35 PM
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