May 24, 2004

Good night, Doctor Franklin, rest well.

Actor Richard Biggs, known to science fiction audiences for his role as Dr. Stephen Franklin in Babylon 5, passed away suddenly over the weekend.

B5 creator J. Michael Straczynski broke the news to fans on the moderated B5 Usenet Group.

"I was awakened today with several phone calls from cast members and Doug [Netter] to pass along the terrible news that this morning, Richard Biggs passed away.

"We're still gathering information, so take none of this as firm word, but what seems to have happened, happened quickly. He woke up, got up out of bed...and went down. The paramedics who showed up suggested it was either an aneurysm or a massive stroke.

An article on points out the irony of Biggs' on-screen father in B5, actor Paul Winfield, passed away less than two months ago.

Biggs was 43.

Posted by mhking at May 24, 2004 07:59 PM

Ouch. I didn't know that Paul Winfield had passed away. His performance in ST:TNG's Darmok episode still inspires me to this day.

Posted by: Tuning Spork at May 25, 2004 01:23 AM

Scary. I'm only 42 and he was in a lot better shape than I am.

Posted by: McGehee at May 25, 2004 02:32 PM

Not just you -- I'm 41, and likewise, in worse shape than he appeared to be in.

Posted by: mhking at May 25, 2004 02:41 PM
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