May 24, 2004

Yes, THAT liberal media!

Someone in their infinte wisdom lobbed me a note on a message board over the weekend, insisting that there was no such thing as "liberal media," pointing at Rush, Boortz, Hannity, Savage and Medved on the radio, and screeching about Fox News Channel on television.

After I finished laughing, I pointedly asked them about Katie Couric, Peter Jennings, Wolf Blitzer and Dan Rather. And let's not forget the admission in ABC News' daily political analysis column, The Note a couple of months ago, where the writers unabashedly admitted to a liberal bias in their reporting, as if they had an obligation to be liberal and to attack the Bush Administration.

A new Pew Research study has found that liberals outnumber conservatives in America's newsrooms by a wide margin.

At national organizations (which includes print, TV and radio), the numbers break down like this: 34% liberal, 7% conservative. At local outlets: 23% liberal, 12% conservative. At Web sites: 27% call themselves liberals, 13% conservatives.

This contrasts with the self-assessment of the general public: 20% liberal, 33% conservative.

Go ahead and say it. "Oh. that liberal media."

And we are the ones that get beat up all the time? Just damn, indeed!

(Courtesy Wizbang)

Posted by mhking at May 24, 2004 10:58 AM
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