September 12, 2005

Roberts confirmation hearings underway

Confirmation hearings for SCOTUS Chief Justice nominee John Roberts got underway last hour on Capitol Hill.

The Senate Judiciary Committee began with members each giving opening statements -- which are expected to take most of the remainder of this afternoon.

A number of Democratic members of the committee, including Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and Joe Biden of Delaware, insisted that right-wing nominees -- implying without naming Roberts directly -- had no place on the Supreme Court, let alone in a position to lead the court for thirty or more years.

Many pundits, who believed that Roberts would win the nomination in a veritable cake-walk prior to the death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist and the subsequent nomination of Roberts to the vacant CJ slot, are now saying that some measure of a verbal battle will take place as Democrats attempt to prevent Roberts' confirmation to the high court.

Once the committee members finish their opening statements, Judge Roberts will have fifteen minutes to provide his own opening statement; this will conclude today's hearing. Tomorrow, the questioning begins at 9:30A ET -- that's where the expected heat will kick in.

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