September 09, 2005

Red Cross confirms they were denied access to New Orleans

Finally silencing those who pooh-poohed what Fox News Channel has reported for the past two days, the Red Cross revealed that Louisiana officials denied them access to the city of New Orleans in the early hours and days of the disaster brought about by Hurricane Katrina.

Louisiana officials rebuffed American Red Cross requests to enter New Orleans with relief supplies last week because of concerns over logistical difficulties, Red Cross and state officials said Thursday.
This points toward a failure of monumental proportions -- not of federal authorities (though there have been mistakes made by DHS and FEMA in their early handling of the disaster), but of Louisiana state officials and city officials in New Orleans.

On an unrelated note, please continue to give to relief organizations like the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the United Way and others. All those organizations need your ongoing help during this difficult time in American history.

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I went to a reception in New Orleans in August
of this year. Thirty some years ago, I rode
with my father to New Orleans. There were new
homes in New Orleans east. This was a swamp a short time previously and was especially hard hit this time. He said that this was trouble waiting to happen. The Army Corp of Engineers have spent a fortune since the 1930's along the MS river. For a short time my father was attached to Army Corp of Engineers. See Juliette (Baldilocks) for logistical aspects. Without the coodination of Mayor of NO and Governor of the state, the military cannot bring in help! New Orleans is different than New York, Boston, Atlanta, in that it is surrounded by water. FEMA cannot start to handle this without the military! The Posse Comitatus means our military cannot go in without explicit authorization.
James M. Barber

Posted by: James M. Barber at September 9, 2005 12:10 PM

This story took a week to surface. The Red Cross thinks this story is so important that it is broadcasting it on the XM satellite radio channel devoted to news of its relief activities and to its fundraising. Spread the story, it must be remembered.

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