September 08, 2005

Steve's been busy: iPod mano, iPhone revealed

Apple revealed their next two iPod innovations yesterday.

First up is the tiny iPod nano which replaces the iPod mini. The color-screened nano is much smaller than the mini, thanks to the 2GB and 4GB flash drives within, as opposed to the hard-drive-based mini. This will increase battery life tremendously.

The other innovation is the iPhone, a combination iPod-cell phone from Apple, Cingular and Motorola (who is calling the phone the ROKR). The iPhone is a full-featured telephone that includes the capability to store roughly about six hours worth of music, podcasts or any other MP3-based files and to, of course, listen to them on the fly.

Apple says that the iPod nano will retail for $199 (for 2 GB) and $249 (for 4 GB). The iPhone (Motorola ROKR) retails for $249, and is available from Cingular Wireless dealers now. The nano -- you can get it in white or black -- is available from Apple's stores, or from any retailer where iPod's are sold.

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