September 02, 2005

Katrina/New Orleans Streaming Link Update

Information coming directly from the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina is something that people really are looking for. In addition to the news networks (CNN, FNC, MSNBC), local resources are not only available, but are streaming on the web.

WWL-TV New Orleans (via WFAA Dallas) - WWL-TV is operating from studios at Louisiana Public Broadcasting. CBS has a relay during the morning and afternoon. When available, use the CBS relay first as they have greater streaming capacity. Yahoo has also provided a relay.

WDSU-TV New Orleans - The news staff has started to return to temporary news studios near New Orleans. However, expect evening coverage from Hearst-Argyle sister stations WAPT Jackson and WESH Orlando when the New Orleans staff needs to take a break.

WGNO-TV New Orleans - New Orleans' ABC affiliate has returned to the air with WBRZ-TV and launched video streaming with continuous Katrina coverage.

WPMI-TV Mobile, AL - WPMI is webcasting from 5:30am - 10:30pm CDT. When off air, you can view pre-recorded reports on demand. This feed is often unreliable.

WKRG-TV Mobile, AL - This station is providing good coverage of the situation to the east in Mississippi and Alabama. However, the station is now signing off at around 10:30pm CDT like WWL and WPMI.

WJTV-TV Jackson, MS - The CBS affiliate in Jackson is providing live coverage for both the Jackson area and south Mississippi (knowing a lot of media in that area is off the air).

United Radio From New Orleans: WWL-AM, WNOE-FM, "KISS-FM," WRNO-FM, WYLD-FM, and WJBO-AM who have joined forces as United Radio From New Orleans, and they are streaming.

Gulf Coast Storm Network (Clear Channel Radio) - Clear Channel offers radio listeners across the gulf coast access to a simulcast emergency radio service. This service seems primarily focused on Alabama and Mississippi, but does cover Louisiana to some degree.

New Orleans Police Department & National Guard Operations: Several volunteers are pitching in to help relay these "scanner broadcasts." You can now listen for extended periods of time. The service now also includes broadcasts from the National Guard operating in southern Louisiana.

(capacity 300 listeners)
(capacity 250 listeners)
(capacity 160 listeners)
(capacity 100 listeners)
(capacity 20 listeners)
(unknown capacity)
(unknown capacity)
Gulf Coast ARES Emergency Network: These are amateur radio operators providing assistance and coordination via high frequency (shortwave) links. The audio feed for this will be subject to interference and sound anomalies due to the transmission mode and frequency.

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