August 31, 2005

Katrina relief: Give, give and give until it hurts

Helping around the clock:

  • Glenn Reynolds has a comprehensive list of charities who are accepting funds tied to relief from the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

  • Tomorrow, Truth Laid Bear is sponsoring Hurricane Katrina: Blog for Relief Day, in order to help fund relief agencies who are helping people affected by the disaster. I am participating, and suggesting donations to the American Red Cross. They are going to be providing the lion's share of the support for the facilties for refugees being brought to the Astrodome in Houston starting this afternoon and evening. They will need our help and our support.

    If you want to participate, details can be found at TTLB.

  • Other resources for giving can be found at Technorati's and pages.

  • Some of the most extensive blog info relating to the disaster can be found on Michelle Malkin's site. Others with heavy-duty information include LaShawn Barber, PowerLine News, Silflay, Wizbang, Booker Rising, T-Steel, Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog and many others.

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