August 25, 2005

TV espose says Atlanta shooter Nichols has cell phone in jail cell

According to a broadcast report last night, Fulton County Courthouse shooter Brian Nichols has a cellphone in his jail cell.

WSB-TV's investigative report, broadcast last night, interviewed employees of the Fulton County Jail, and confirmed rumors regarding Nichols' possession of a cellphone. According to the report, Nichols' telephone use is unmonitored. In addition, WSB reports that Fulton County Sheriff Myron Freeman is aware of Nichols' phone, and has not taken steps to remove it, nor to even investigate guards who are at the center of the controversy.

Jailhouse rules require that detainees be escorted to a wall telephone in order to make calls. That phone is monitored and recorded. A cellular phone, obviously, would not be.

The WSB report points out that recently in Tennessee, a man being transported to a courthouse from a local jail had been able to use a cell phone to call his wife and to have her stationed outside the courthouse with a gun. One deputy was killed in that instance, and the couple escaped. (They were ultimately captured in Columbus, OH several days later)

The report has caused a lot of consternation among officials, who are reserving comment for now.

After all the other problems that FulCo Sheriff Myron Freeman has had to deal with, and despite lumping many of those problems on former Sheriff Jackie Barrett, many people are beginning to agree with the call from some quarters for a voter-driven recall of Freeman.

Posted by mhking at August 25, 2005 10:18 AM | TrackBack

Michael, to use your phrase, "Just damn".

Posted by: David Beatty at August 25, 2005 01:13 PM

I just don't get it . . . he has a cell phone?!?!? Were I living in Georgia, I would sign up for the vote recall.

Posted by: lolajl at August 25, 2005 03:36 PM

Does Freeman still think he's handled the whole Nichols thing in an "exemplary" manner?

Posted by: Gib at August 26, 2005 10:36 AM

I really don't think that Freeman is handling the whole Brian Nichols thing in a professional manner! But if you are from the state of Georgia,Fulton County,that is,,,,then you know that there is so much going on in The Fulton County Jail that isn't right anyway.I think that they are the reason that Brian snapped anyway,,,they treat people as though they are a bunch of animals,,,they beat them,rape them and try to kill them there.I personally don't think that it's Freeman that needs to be questioned,,,I think it's the entire staff of The Fulton County Jail that needs to be fired and the jail should be tore down.

Posted by: trestletree at September 8, 2005 07:20 PM
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