August 19, 2005

More Scare America woes...

Air America radio has been having an ongoing issue with skimming monies from the New York Boys & Girls Club (Brian Maloney and Michelle Malkin have been all over this in depth like no one else out there, blog, podcast, mainstream or otherwise), but today something new has come to the fore.

Today, word comes of an attorney who is seeking $1.5 million on behalf of his client, a radio station ownership group that it says is owed.

According to court records obtained by Radio Equalizer/, another major creditor has been demanding that Air America pay up. The liberal radio network has refused to do so, despite a court order and scathing words from a New York judge overseeing the case. Now, the creditor--Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Inc.--has filed a new complaint, accusing Air America and Piquant LLC (Air America's current owners) of engaging in a "sham transaction" and "fraudulent conveyance" of assets in order to avoid paying its debts.
Scare America may be on far more slippery ice than they thought.

Only 70 affiliates, and who knows how long their "big-gun" affiliates (i.e., Clear Channel-owned stations) will stick around.

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