August 12, 2005

Bobby Knight may get reality series

ESPN is courting one Robert Montgomery Knight (Texas Tech's legendary basketball coach) as the subject of a new reality series.

The series -- which will run in six episodes beginning in February -- will give Knight 16 basketball players who are vying for one walk-on spot with the Division I Texas Tech team. The ESPN Original Entertainment series is being produced with RIVR Media and WealthEffectMedia.

It begins production next month.

"Knight School" will lead the candidates through Knight's way: drills, conditioning, tests, scrimmages and games. ESPN Original Entertainment said "Knight School" will show Knight's coaching style and priorities.

"Knight School?" I just knew it would be called "Who Can Dodge A Thrown Chair?"

Posted by mhking at August 12, 2005 03:19 PM | TrackBack

For all the flack Knight has received throughout his career, some of it well deserved, he is a pretty nice guy. He is a strong advocate for bringing education back to universities and for more strict requirements.

The sole time I met him he wanted to make foreign languages part of the core curriculum for every student, something I don't agree with but shows his dedication to educating young men and women. He has also given very generously to the Texas Tech University Library, and as any Tech alumn like myself would tell you the funding was long needed.

His inclusion in a reality show will be interesting, but not necessarily because of the antics we associate Knight with. Hopefully we can all see the Knight that pushes students to excel instead of the lightning rod of a coach he is.

Posted by: Chad Evans at August 12, 2005 05:33 PM

Bobby Knight brings alot of the negative attention he receives onto himself. His coaching skills are unquestioned, but the guy has a serious anger problem. I'm a fan of Knight's old-school approach, but there have been moments where he's crossed the line, plain and simple. (i.e. throwing chairs, choking students, etc...) Even Knight apologists have to admit there are times when he simply loses it. And until he learns to control his temper (if he can), he will keep attracting negative media attention.

Posted by: REALSPORTS at August 16, 2005 02:55 AM
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