July 13, 2005

Parks: Julian Bond is the real puppet

Men's News Daily columnist Bob Parks fires back at Julian Bond's annual anti-conservative whine-fest in his new column.

Parks points out that despite Bond's incessant ranting, the NAACP hasn't done much of note lately.

And while continuing the fight is admirable, it would seem the present-day NAACP is fighting more for relevance since the message of “blame Republican whitey” is starting to fall on deaf ears, and it would appear the only people who will lose out are the very people who draw on an NAACP paycheck.

And as far as widespread discrimination goes, what has the NAACP fixed lately...?

Bond assumes that all black people are stupid and if he just recites the approved script from the DNC, he'll continue to receive the prominence he craves, and the paycheck he's grown accustomed to.

As long as black people attend the lousy public schools in the hood managed by Democrats and teacher's unions, listen to rap music created by Hollywood and New York liberals that steals the souls of their young listeners, have an overwhelming out-of-wedlock birthrate that makes a government social worker drool, there will be no solutions offered from people like Julian Bond.

And those are only a couple of the highlights. Parks takes apart Bond's rantings, and puts them in perspective.

It's definitely worth a look this morning.

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