July 11, 2005

Hillary compares Bush to Alfred E. Neuman

In an insult that isn't completely original (I've been hearing folks -- including my dad -- use the term for several years), Senator Hillary Clinton (Cthulhu-NY) took time out of a speech in Colorado yesterday to compare President George W. Bush to Mad Magazine mascot Alfred E. Neuman.

"I sometimes feel that Alfred E. Neuman is in charge in Washington," Clinton said during the inaugural Aspen Ideas Festival, organized by the Aspen Institute, a non-partisan think tank.

The former first lady drew a laugh from the crowd when she described Bush's attitude toward tough issues with Neuman's catch phrase: "What, me worry?"

Back in New York, Clinton was asked during a stop in Rochester if she felt some people might be offended by her comparing the president to Alfred E. Neuman.

"That is for people to decide, but I think if you look at the facts, the real concerns of the American public are not being addressed."

Asked if Bush had a "what-me-worry" attitude, she said, "I think Washington does."

A number of Republicans blasted Clinton's comments, saying her "priorities are out of whack."

Posted by mhking at July 11, 2005 04:32 PM | TrackBack

A number of Republicans blasted Clinton's comments, saying her "priorities are out of whack."

They're not the only things that are out of whack with Hiliary.

Posted by: steveegg at July 11, 2005 08:47 PM

Actually, when you really think about it Michael, he looks more like Mortimer Snerd. But then that requires one to look back many years to discover that the great Edgar Bergen was the voice and the hands that operated this wonderfully comical character. Come to think of it, doesn't Dick Cheney do the same with W? But then again, I'm just a liberal white democrat fromt the 11th ward in Chicago who was weaned on Hubert Humphrey, Gene McCarthy, Fritz Mondale and all those good democrats from my native Minnesota who espoused a social agenda that one could easily find in the Beatitudes.

Posted by: marco at July 11, 2005 11:45 PM
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