July 01, 2005

A two-party black America is becoming a reality

Contrary to the nay-sayers on the left, black Republicans are not the lapdogs they would pretend we are. Black Republicans are gaining power and running for more visible state-wide offices across the nation.

In Maryland, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, black Republicans - all of whom have been groomed by the national party - are expected to run for governor or the United States Senate next year. Several other up-and-coming black Republicans are expected to run for lower statewide offices in Missouri, Ohio, Texas and Vermont in 2006.

"You've got a Democratic Party which I think has repeatedly demonstrated that it assumes it will win the African-American vote, but doesn't work for that vote," Ken Mehlman, chairman of the Republican National Committee, said. "It takes African-Americans for granted. And I think folks in the African-American community see that. There is a real opportunity here for the Republican Party."

I'd be foolish to suggest that the road ahead for black outreach and candidacy on the GOP side of the fence is "easy." There is mistrust, skepticism and outright antagonism from many in the black electorate. But the message must be delivered: we are here, we can help, we have a well-thought-out alternative, and we'd like you to honestly consider what we have to say.

The difference between many of today's black Republicans is that their message is being embraced by white Republicans. And the ranks of black Republicans are increasing.

There is room for a true two-party system in black America. And that will become a reality. Soon.

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