June 29, 2005

Geek-Post: iTunes 4.9 with podcast support now out; ours'll be up soon

I'm in mega-geek mode this week.

In addition to writing new stuff for Project 21, writing new stuff of my own, and working on several other more mundane projects, Apple has released iTunes version 4.9. This version includes on-board support for podcasting; which excites me for several reasons - one of which is work on piecing together my own podcast.

In any event, head on over to Apple.com/itunes, and get your updated copy for Mac or Windows. The new iTunes includes a detailed podcast directory, where you can find all sorts of programming. There is, at least for now, a paucity of conservative programming, when you look at the political side - ironically enough since most of Air America's programming, and plenty of other opinionated folk from the left are up and running on this revolution.

Not to matter - there's tons of fantastic programming out there to listen to -- fantastic music from Brian Ibbot's Coverville, plenty of sci-fi geekishness from Mike & Evo's Dragon Page & Slice of SciFi, wonderful food from Anne Bramley's Eat Feed, along with detailed information on podcasting and the podcasting revolution from the "podfather" himself, Adam Curry, on the Daily Source Code.

And that doesn't even scratch the surface.

I'll be putting a "favorite podcast" section on the left rail soon, so that you can get to some of the podcasts that I enjoy tremendously. Eventually, I'll have my own out there, and link it from right here. So you don't have to go anywhere. Mine will include plenty of the same sort of information that you get right here in print, plus a bit more irreverance and stuff to boot.

I don't have a start date just yet, but give me a little while, and I'll be there.

Posted by mhking at June 29, 2005 08:17 AM
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