June 02, 2005

So now I'm guilty of killing people (a little piece at a time), eh?

TheFacebook.com lets users create groups for "like-minded" individuals.

One of the user-created groups has the "original" name of "Every Time I See a Black Republican, a Piece of Me Dies a Little." The group's description reads "You know it's just wrong."

Just damn.

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Negro Wars: Fighting for the Freedom to Integrate!

By R.A. Pharaoh - 5/30/05

The Negro war is an ongoing struggle. But, don’t be fooled my friends. This is no longer a war of liberation but a war of integration. For the Negro shepherd has surrendered to the wolves and he is now searching for a way for him and his flock to get comfortable in that surrender. The white flag was raised years ago after the civil war. Most Black men “stayed put” like Kizzy after the horror show that was slavery. Which is proof of the psychological damage that occurred during the three hundred year programming.

During slavery a great Jedi Knight by the name of Willie Lynch developed a way through torture, deprivation, reverse psychology and favoritism, to turn Black men into weak and wicked sheep.
After Slavery the baton was passed on to Dr. Frankenstein (America) which helped create the Negro shepherd. The factors in making the Negro shepherd was one of sharecropping that put Black men in a situation in which the more he backbreaking-ly sowed the land, the less he reaped. This is just one of the mechanisms that was used to create this sick symbiotic relationship of dependency that the Negro shepherd has with the wolves.

Since life has been made very difficult for Black men not being able to make it on their own as sharecroppers or not given a job, they began to prey on their own for survival. At one point in time for the Black man to survive he had to either pimp, preach or do both. Preachers who were once pimps and got out the game are called, weak-kneed pimps.
The graduation from pimp to preacher was a logical one in a sense. The average pimp has about 3 to 4 women in his stable at any given time pulling in 2 to 300 dollars a night which could add up to $10,000 a night, depending on good weekends. But the shepherd with an average of 500 women in church paying the average tithe of $20 to $30 dollars every Sunday which adds up to $15,000 a week and no police on his ass or bail money to put up, does 33% better than the pimp. Both are tax exempt.

Whereas, the pimp may use direct physical violence to keep his women emotional wrecks, the shepherd uses racism/police brutality. The pimp will use threats to invoke fear in his women while the shepherd will use the bible to invoke fear in his flock of women. A pimp is out to take every dime his women make, while a shepherd only has to shear his flock of women out of ten percent of their hard earning, thus, able to sleep a little more guilt-free at night.

Unlike any other shepherd on the earth the Negro shepherd depends on the wolves to feed him and his flock. The Negro shepherd depends on the wolves to shelter his flock, and when the wolves do, it’s inadequate and turns into some sort of experiment (the projects). And when there comes a time when the wolves will want “their” property back then it will never be hard to do because the shepherd is a civil rights leader (integrationist) and not an economic leader (independent).

After trying hard to get an apology from one fox at home for insulting police brutality victim Amadou Diallo and failed to, shepherd Charlatan has decided to follow the media to Messico to demand an apology for a racist insult hurled out of the mouth of the president of Fox country (Messico).
At “The House of Hospice” (a place for nurses and clergy to provide for people’s emotional needs), shepherd Charlatan was explaining to his flock why it is so vital to the Black sheep community for him to spend thousands of the “organizations” money to visit a head fox and demand an apology.
The shepherd has always “organized” his flock to hear him “address” racial issues that affect the flock since the flock depends so heavily on the wolves that whenever a sheep has a need or a want he has to go to the wolves den with his or her hands out for food, clothes, shelter and a job.

“I’m going over to Messico to let President Vicente know that he can’t just get away with saying ‘I was misinterpreted,” said the slick-haired, slick-talking, portly shepherd with indignation.

The Negro shepherd is always “reacting” to the open honest statements that are made by others outside and inside their communities such as Bill Cosby. His greatest fear is that the Black sheep of the United Plantations of America will no longer wander around the pasture/pastor aimless, hopeless and in need of guidance and dependence. But yet, the Negro shepherd has yearned for open “discussions” in regards to “why” other ethnicities on this planet view him as a fool and a foot stool.
The gathering place where shepherd Charlatan was addressing his flock was only half filled with followers but the posse of media and equipment made use of the void resulting from poor turnout.

“If his comment had gone unchallenged, it would have left the impression that what he was saying was true,” shepherd Charlatan bellowed through the microphone to his bewildered flock. In between the top priorities that the shepherd has given to the flock, the flock would often wonder amongst themselves if they would still be able to afford to live in Harlem not far from the organization (?).
The Negro shepherd is the most gullible, and naïve person on the planet which is why he and his flock remain the “Wretched of the Earth” (Frantz Fanon). What little time he spends on economics for his flock is spent getting crumbs off the tables of foxes and wolves. This is so that the shepherd can continue to use his hackneyed cliché “When white folks catch cold, black folks catch pneumonia.”

What this says is that the shepherd has done such a good job of integrating his sheep to the point of having a sick symbiotic relationship. The symbiot attached to the host can only feed off of whatever’s left after the body of the host has already consumed the vitamins and nutrients. The cliché is also used to invoke fear, anger and “verbal” demands from the flock that the wolves must do for the sheep as they do for other wolves. Which causes more dependency, false hopes and eventually further resentment when that fairy tale, again, doesn’t come true.

“Messican migrants are being employed like slave labors,” Charlatan continued, “And something must be done to end this process.” The shepherd stated, swaying the flock.

Although, the unemployment rate of Black men within a ten block radius of where the shepherd’s base of operation’s is located, has steadily declined since 9/11, and the shepherds own flock can barely afford to live next door to the House of Hospice, the shepherd is as much concerned with the foxes employment situation as he is the sheep’s unemployment situation (?).

President Vicente wasn’t happy at all with having to explain himself to a couple of Negro shepherds whom have managed the lives of his sheep as poorly as he has done with his fellow foxes.
“Please tell me again why it is I have to meet with these people?” President Vicente, the leader of Messico asked his advisor for the fifth time. “It’s not like they’re elected officials. They’re just a couple in black face, uh, I mean a couple of black people.”

“Si Presidente,” the advisor retorted, “but they are media opportunist as well. If you see them and show some sympathy toward their cries they’ll go away. And if you don’t it will just give them further opportunity to drag your good name and their black faces in the media spotlight.”

“And if they want more?” President Vicente asked, sharply.

The advisor thought to himself for a second and said, “We’ll do like PepsiCo, Texaco and other American corporation’s have done. We’ll set them up with $25,000 a year racial consultant and advisory board fees.”

After the last prominent Negro had his say and the spooks and ghosts were fed their daily requirement of sound bites. Shepherd Charlatan approached the microphone as he does religiously and without fail, “Before we leave I want y’all to know that freedom ain’t free!” He bellowed from the podium, his body frozen with an austere look on his face as his eyes darted the crowd. His most loyal sheepdog gave the signal to the other sheepdogs to begin passing the plate.
As the flock began to exit the “House of Hospice” a particular type of vermin that was allowed to grow and formulate its own twisted views and cultural behavioral norms were lurking in the shadow across Madison Avenue and 125th Street. Hoodrat’s are a large part of every major city. They view sheep as prey and with disgust oft times. This, even though, the hoodrat is sometimes an offspring or relative of the sheep. The hoodrat is concerned with primal and material wants and needs that only cheese can fulfill. And although his culture of Hip-hop has pronounced (ad nauseam) that “it’s all about the Benjamin’s, baby” his parents and so-called leaders just don’t understand.

Therefore, the hoodrat left alone begins to develop his own ideas about life. He views the sheep as weak, frivolous cowards. It’s all about cheddar with hoodrat’s and that’s something that sheep aren’t about. Sheep have been taught that by ending racism you will also end poverty? In other words, the wolves have to get their act together first, then, vicariously will the sheep be able to live happily thereafter. The hoodrat’s ain’t trying to hear it. They want the good life now even if they have to pillage their communities and shear the sheep to get it.
There is no commonality between the hoodrat and the sheep. The sheep know nothing about making real cheese as evident with the brownstones that were left to rot for years in Harlem. Therefore the hoodrat feels that the sheep cannot teach him or tell him a damn thing, as far as the hoodrat is concerned, the shepherd nor the sheep are to be respected or followed around in circles on marches.

The hoodrat’s were lurking, scheming, of course they were. The Negro shepherds have left the flock vulnerable since slave’s row. Who else are hoodrat’s suppose to prey on, the foxes? The wolves? Certainly not, the pigs wouldn’t allow it.

As shepherd Charlatan marched his flock and their picket signs across 125th Street flanked by spooks, ghosts and pigs a handful of hoodrat’s stood with their heads tilted to the side with their hands between their legs to check and shake their packages (a sign to the sheep that hood rat’s will never be neutered) as they watched another emasculation procession take place in the streets of Harlem for all the world to see.
It was Rich-rat the larcenist leader of the Lincoln Project bloodrat’s that had taken over the crime ridden area near 125th Street and Mad. Avenue. He had his arm around a cute little chicken head as he and his fam, scoped out the demonstration of sheep for their next victim who’d stray home at the end of the rally.

Meanwhile, in lower Manhattan the godfather of Hip-hop, Russell Rattmons was having words with the national director of a right-wing chicken hawk group who was telling shepherds that receive money from right-wing groups not to attend the Million$ More March led by the Nation of Is-farm leader the honorable minister Louis Foghorn a radical separatist rooster group.

“This is very sad because the masses of our people are suffering,” said Foghorn, when asked about the comments made by the right-wing chicken hawk (often referred to as kites by the Nation). “It’s not about the ADL. It’s not about the kite’s. I am not an anti-carnivore. I, myself, am a omnivore. It is about the mass suffering of the masses of my people, and we are coming together not against this one or that one, but we are coming together on one solid principle: that no individual can rise above the condition of his people.” He smiled, then added “If the wolves and the sheep don’t atone for their sins it is prophesied that God will make the sky light up with fire and things will start to fall from it. And when the sky does fall, don‘t come running to me because I’ve been trying tell y’all for the past 30 years, okay. Allahu Akbar!”

Tune in next week to see:

Will the Negro shepherd be able to get an apology from the president of a nation of foxes when he wasn’t even able to get one from a former “borough” president who’s his friend?

Will shepherd Charlatan solve the employment problems of the foxes before solving the unemployment problems facing his own flock?

Will co-founders of the Drum Major Institute, William B. Wachtel and Martin Luther King, III demand that Freddie Ferrer apologize for saying that Amadou Diallo being shot 41 times by police wasn’t a crime? And if Freddie doesn’t will he be forced to give up his $151,000 (3 thousand a week, damn) a year salary as president. Or will Harry Wachtel and Dr. King have to send their sons a sign from the grave?

Will a Black man ever be the head of a Hispanic organization and continue to collect $3,000 a week after saying what happened to police brutality victims Anthony Baez and Edwin Rosario wasn’t a crime?

Will Russell Rattmons be able to get a legitimate number of hoodrat Hip-hoppers to join the Million’s More March and stand sanely next to a sheep without committing larceny or attempted assault over cheese?

Will the Nation of Is-farm leader the honorable minister Louis Foghorn and every other religious zealot’s screams of Armageddon (the sky is falling) ever come true in our lifetime. And if so, will it happen before or after the Million’$ More Fundraiser?

For these and many other answers to your questions tune in next week.

Negro Wars: Fighting for the Freedom to Integrate.

Spooks are Blacks in the media. Voices coming out of the radio. People who are inside boxes (television) on stands inside people’s living room. Black reporters and journalist. Their functions are to sit comfortably scrutinizing white men and reporting back to the community if anything racist happens after peeking through the keyhole. Another part of the spooks function is to propagate whatever Negro shepherd that is ordained by mainstream media. Spooks are privileged to be given their jobs by the wolves and are paid to be co-conspirators with the Negro shepherd to keep any independent voices out. Especially those who speak against the Negro shepherds teachings of integration, civil rights marches, ending racism, parlor tricks (politics) and being the moral-consciousness of the wolves, as fights towards freedom.

The spooks job as co-conspirator with the Negro shepherd is to wait for something racist to happen in order to comment on it. He then calls the Negro shepherd on the air for further comments and this can go on for weeks with one racial issue. And when the spook and the shepherd aren’t trying to distract you from your hunger pains, overdue bills and gentrification with issues on race. The spook and the shepherd are giving you the black point of view on “mainstream” issues like feeding tube victim Terry Schiavo or the runaway bride.

Ghosts are the mainstream media.

Foxes are Hispanic or Latino (Latino see; Spain, Italy and Portugal about that?)

Kite’s are small slim hawks; chicken hawks (see; Zionist) to Nation of Isfarm leader minister Louis Foghorn.

Jackasses are Black elected democrats who are the party’s mascot.

Elephants are Black elected republicans who are the party’s mascot.

Weasels are Black republicans who will never be big enough to be voted into office.

Hawks are White republicans.

Doves are White democrats.

Hoodrats are guys who want to get paid but don’t know how to, except nigga-tively.

Chicken heads are women whom hoodrats give a little chicken feed to, to peck their worms.

Sheep are the shepherd’s followers and are taught to say baaaad, baaaad white man, because they are the moral consciousness of America.

Pigs are Black and White police officers.

Nubian’s are lions and like lions they are strictly independent.

"If you make people think they are thinking, they’ll love you; but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you." Don Marquis

Negro Wars: Fighting for the Freedom to Integrate.

By R.A. Pharaoh

Posted by: R.A. Pharaoh at June 2, 2005 11:45 PM
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