May 31, 2005

Rome restauranteur may sue former President Bubba over missed reservation

The owner of one of Rome's trendiest eateries is considering a lawsuit after former President Bill Clinton was a no-show on a dinner reservation.

The owner is miffed because he stocked up on better food and drink, plus closed a section of his restaurant to accomodate Bubba and his Secret Service detail.

Whatever the reason for Clinton’s no-show, the restaurant owner is apparently none too pleased. According to reports, the owner may sue the former president who, the owner claims, didn't bother to cancel his reservation.

the former president has definitely resumed his frenetic pace, last week traveling to Rome to promote links between Africa and Europe. But when he's not pressing the flesh, he’s got to eat. And one afternoon Clinton's people reportedly booked a reservation at one of Rome's trendiest restaurants.

Having a president as your customer is obviously a big deal. And the restaurant’s owner reportedly went to town, spending nearly $2,000 on extra food and wine. He even closed off a section of the restaurant to accommodate Clinton and his secret service.

But the president never made it in, and the restaurant is reportedly considering its options, which might include a lawsuit.

Sorry. Contrary to some folks out there, while I'm no fan of the former Prez, I don't see his no-show as a problem. Schedules change, delays happen.

Not cancelling is certainly a breach of etiquette, but a lawsuit? C'mon. Be serious.

Posted by mhking at May 31, 2005 07:05 AM

A costly lesson learned. Unfortunatley this does happen and the former President and staff would have been quite happy with the standard faire. The extra publicity should more than make up for the loss and frustration.

Posted by: Joyce Mullen at August 25, 2005 03:39 AM
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