May 02, 2005

911 transcript: Runaway bride made up story as she went along

The time? 11:37 MT last Friday night. The place? 7-Eleven on Solano Street in Albuquerque, NM. Who? Jennifer Wilbanks, the now-legendary runaway bride that has been plastered all over the news this past week. What? The 911 phone call where Wilbanks concocted her half-assed story of kidnapping.

Dispatcher: Alberquerque 911. Operator 45. What is your emergency?

Wilbanks: I'm at the ... I don't know where I am. I'm right here beside Solano Street at the 7-Eleven.


Dispatcher: What is your name, ma'am?

Wilbanks: Jennifer.

Dispatcher: Were you hurt, Jennifer? Do you need any medical attention?

Wilbanks: No I don't need any medical attention. [inaudible] I told them my name.

Dispatcher: Do you know who did this to you?

Wilbanks: No.


Dispatcher: Do you know where your location is?

Wilbanks: At some street ... I, I don't even know who I am. And I'm just sitting here.

Dispatcher: Did they hurt you in any way? Jennifer, do you need medical attention?

Wilbanks: No, they didn't hurt me. I'm talking to them right now...


Dispatcher: Who did this to you?

Wilbanks: I don't know.

Dispatcher: Did they just drop you off right now?

Wilbanks: I don't know how long ago it was. They didn't drop me off here. Away from here. On some street, I don't know where I am...It was a Hispanic man and a Caucasian woman. It happened in Duluth.

Wilbanks' story vascillated even over the course of her 911 call.

Other evidence indicates that Wilbanks had purchased a bus ticket several days prior to her disappearance last week. So she planned this thing -- at least the runaway if nothing else -- in advance. Mind you, this isn't the first time she's bailed out of the engagement.

She's a stupid, spoiled brat, and that, certainly isn't a crime. And arguably, she didn't actually file a false police report (which would actually have been a crime). But she was the root cause of time, effort, energy and money being spent to find her -- even though that wasn't a crime in and of itself, what it does do is leave her open to a civil suit. And that's what the local officials are contemplating.

I'd leave her be -- until she signs the contract for the inevitable Lifetime Made-For-TV, "ripped from the headlines" movie and book deal. Then I'd sue her for every single penny of that money.

(More coverage from LaShawn Barber, Wizbang & others)

Posted by mhking at May 2, 2005 11:21 PM

I think she needs to donate a year of her time to the National Missing Persons network and help find REAL missing people.

Posted by: Stone at May 3, 2005 09:16 AM
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