February 13, 2005

RI high school project compares Bush to Hitler

Providence, RI high school student Jeffrey Eden came up with the concept for his award-winning art project in about fifteen minutes. The project, entitled "Bush/Hitler and How History Repeats Itself," created a firestorm of controversy after it was displayed alongside other award-winning high school art projects last week.

The piece, titled "Bush/Hitler and How History Repeats Itself," triggered a complaint soon after it was displayed with other award-winning entries at Alperts Furniture Showplace in Seekonk last week.

"It's offensive to me," said Paul Lewis, a 34-year-old North Providence man.

Lewis asked Alperts to remove Eden's piece and phoned area newspapers as well as Channel 10 and Channel 6.

He said he sees zero relationship between the policies of President Bush and Hitler.

Figures of President Bush and Hitler, drawn on Popsicle sticks, are at the focal point of Eden's work. Each is addressing his own army of plastic soldiers.

On a backdrop, Eden has pasted statements of Hitler. He has penned a few of his own sentiments, too.

He hopes people will read them.

"Hitler's own justification was his own hatred," said one slogan.

"Treatment of the prisoners was unspeakable [concentration camps]," said another.

To the right of President Bush, Eden's handwriting said "No justification" and "Saddam had no affiliation with the Taliban and there are no weapons of mass destruction."

He thinks they show that the work is comparing Hitler and President Bush -- not equating them.

His teacher, Lynn Norton, believed he got his point across. She gave him an A.

The moonbats keep equating the President with Hitler. Those that do insult both the memory of those who died at his evil hand, and insult those who support the President today.

Not that the moonbats care about insulting anyone on the right. That's par for the course for them.

Posted by mhking at February 13, 2005 08:24 PM

It's funny, if someone on the right were to compare a Liberal to Hitler or some other equally unappealing figure in history, the lefties would have a conniption fit. Hypocrisy runs deep amongst the left.

Posted by: Kathleen at February 13, 2005 08:43 PM

Oh how original and imaginative.....not. Were I his teacher I would have flunked this kid for such intellectual laziness. Were I a spectator I would have rolled my eyes and not given the time of day to someone so foolish. As it is I roll my eyes and mutter to myself, "idiot."

Posted by: Samantha at February 14, 2005 03:58 PM
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