January 25, 2005

Bad guys release video of US hostage

American contractor Roy Hallums, believed to have been kidnapped in November, was shown on a video released this morning by Islamist terrorists holding him captive in Iraq.

On the tape, Hallums pleads for his life.

"I have been arrested by a resistance group in Iraq," 56-year-old Hallums, dressed in civilian clothes and his beard flecked with white, says on the tape.

"I'm asking for help because my life is in danger because it's been proved that I work for American forces."

As he speaks, the barrel of an assault rifle is held inches from his head. Unlike other tapes made by militants of hostages seized in Iraq, no flags or banners of an organization appear in the picture and no demands are made.

"I'm not asking for any help from President Bush because I know of his selfishness and unconcern to those who've been pushed into this hell-hole," Hallums says.

"I am asking for help from Arab rulers ... so that I can be released as quickly as possible from this definite death."

No demands were released with the tape.

CNN's Christiane Amanpour says that there is no indication as to when this tape was produced. Hallums and four co-workers were kidnapped last November 1.

Hallams is from Westminster, CA, and according to Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report,

Bad words against Bush?? This does not sound like the Roy Hallums as described to me by his family and friends. I'm sure the rifle pointed at his head had something to do with his pleas.

Further, the intervention on the part of Ghaddafi may be a hidden plea for money. Robert Tarongoy, the Fillipino abducted with Roy, was released reportedly after ransom was paid. How else could Ghaddafi help??

Rusty has been on top of this and other kidnappings as they have taken place. He initially posted word of the Hallums kidnapping in November.

Hallums' family in California has put together a support website, and are asking donations be sent to:

Free Roy Foundation
Hallums Family
PO Box 947
Westminster, Ca. 92684

(Courtesy Michelle Malkin (who still hasn't put me on her blogroll! [sniff!]) and more coverage from Take Back The News, Cranky Neocon, Wizbang & others)

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