December 29, 2004

Tsunami death toll reaches 100,000...and climbing

The death toll in the Boxing Day tsunami disaster has reached 100,000 and is still climbing, according to published reports in London.

Officials in every country today warned the final number of dead will be even higher as rescue teams reach remote areas.

The UN said there were now strong grounds to believe that the toll in the Sumatran province of Aceh, the worst affected area, would be as high as 80,000.

Aid agencies today warned disease will also cause massive casualties among the survivors as the biggest relief effort in history began.

Bottom line? We're talking "Old Testament-Wrath of God" territory.

Please take the time to donate to one of the many relief organizations participating in this, the largest relief effort in history. Some of those organizations include CARE, World Vision International, and the Red Cross. There are certainly others.

Please take the time to give, because our fellow travelers on this planet are in desperate need.

Posted by mhking at December 29, 2004 01:42 PM
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