December 14, 2004

Moonbats using new website to choose stores that donated to Dems

Despondent liberals, desperate to isolate themselves from the remainder of the nation, have put together a website ( which discloses what companies donated to the Kerry campaign and the Democratic National Committee this year as opposed to donating to the Bush campaign or the Republican National Committee.

Costco workers gave more to Democrats, for example, while Wal-Mart's preferred Republicans, according to campaign finance records. Donna Karan's people lean left. Fruit of the Loom's give to the right.

For Ann and Bill Duvall, the site's creators, Nov. 3 brought great disappointment--and a call to action.

"We woke up that morning just really devastated and depressed, and in some ways I'm grateful that we came up with this idea because that's where we've been able to put our energy," Ann Duvall, 56, said.

Using information from the Federal Election Commission Web site and the Center for Responsive Politics site,, the Duvalls give their fellow Democrats a gift that could keep on giving.

"If each American who voted for John Kerry spends $100 in 2005 on a blue company instead of a red company, we can move $5 billion away from Republican companies and add $5 billion to the income of companies who donate to Democrats," they say on the site.

Of course, conservatives can also use the site to determine where to better focus their shopping efforts as well.

Then there are those of us who just want the most bang for the buck. In which case, sites like this are useless.

UPDATE: Someone pointed out a second site that is geared toward disgruntled blue-staters, BuyBlue.Org, where you can find more information about how companies donated.

But like the aforementioned ChooseTheBlue.Com, conservatives can also use BuyBlue.Org to help govern their buying habits toward more conservatively donating stores and companies.

Posted by mhking at December 14, 2004 03:33 PM

Thanks for this post! You always have the most useful information. I went to that site, and was kinda surprised that most of the companies listed were in fact RED. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, when Republicans are about laissez-faire free enterprise, while Democrats tend to restrict businesses to the point where they can no longer make a profit. Thanks again!

Posted by: Peggy Snow Cahill at December 14, 2004 06:34 PM

This does not worry me at all.


Democrats are more likely to be on welfare or some dole program or forever locked into a dead end job because, like all good socialists, they can't operate on their own and need others to support them.

Republicans are more likely to be entrepreneurs, risk-takers, capitalists.

Guess who makes more money? Now guess who spends more money?

A list like this is priceless. I now know what stores to avoid. Go RED!

Posted by: Vilmar at December 15, 2004 08:28 AM

Hey Michael I had the very same Idea, about using that buy blue site for unintended purposes.

Posted by: spacemonkey at December 15, 2004 12:35 PM

Great - now I know which utility to buy
my electricity from. All I need to do is move.
By the way, I noticed that 100% of the donations from 'Seneca Hawk Tobacco Store' went to the Dems. Their site notes that "all cigarettes and tobacco products are shipped tax free to your home." Are people who do business without having to collect and pay sales taxes allowed to give money to political campaigns? Just a thought.

Posted by: Ira at December 15, 2004 08:07 PM
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