November 05, 2004 to become

Matt Margolis' Blogs For Bush, having completed it's initial mission of supporting the reelection of President Bush, is now shifting gears. As of Inauguration Day in January, it will become

There has been no question I have received more often than "What is going to happen to Blogs For Bush after the election?" For a long time I avoided dealing with this question, for I wanted to remain focused on the goal of victory on Election Day. However, the time has come for you all to be in the know.

Blogs For Bush will live on. We have built something incredible that has yet to realize its full potential, and we have to continue because one victory does not guarantee that future battles will be won automatically. We have to continue to grow and remain stronger than those who have goals that starkly contrast our own.

Over the next four years, we have the important job of keeping President Bush's legacy from being attacked. Eventually, future
candidates will emerge, and we'll have to make sure the strongest ones represent us.On Inauguration Day 2005, Blogs For Bush will be re-launched as We're going to take everything we've learned the past year and take it to the next level. The power of blogs has yet to be fully realized, and we're going to write the book on it.

Good luck, Matt, and good job! Thanks!

Posted by mhking at November 5, 2004 08:10 AM

And thanks to *you* for your posts. I don't comment much, but I visit every day and enjoy reading your posts.

Posted by: Ted at November 5, 2004 11:23 AM
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