November 02, 2004

Election Night - running commentary

I'm going to be all over the map tonight.

I'm in a chat room with several other bloggers (Patriot Paradox & King of Fools for now), plus on the Free Republic live thread.

7P ET: The networks have called KY, GA & IN for Bush, VT for Kerry. VA & SC too close to call. Current talley, Bush 34, Kerry 3.

7:30P ET: Ohio is too close to call - no surprise there. WV goes in the Bush column. The surprise is that NC is presently too close to call.

Current total, Bush 39, Kerry 3. Next milestone is 8P ET. More than a dozen states close at the top of the hour.

7:40P ET: Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Amendment to ban gay marriages passes" - the state constitutional amendment in Georgia passes. Most pundits are saying that this points toward similar measures passing in a number of other states.

Also in Georgia, Republican Johnny Isakson is projected to win the US Senate seat being vacated by Democrat Zell Miller over Democratic candidate Denise Majette.

Yet another "Rather-ism": "Don't cross the alligator till you cross the creek..." I'm sure Kenneth will have plenty before the night is over.

ChristWeb has joined us in the live-chat room.

8P ET: 16 states closing - OK, AL, TN to Bush; IL, MA, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC, ME to Kerry. MS, MO, FL, PA too close to call. Updated totals, Bush 66, Kerry 77.

Maine's votes will be split, as it looks now, with 3 votes to Kerry, the final one up in the air, but most likely to Bush.

CNN is projecting Barack Obama to win the US Senate race in IL over Alan Keyes.

8:15P: More states are being called, CBS now has a total of 108-77 Bush; CBC Newsworld says 95-78 Bush. The new states (at least as CBS has 'em): NC, SC, MS & VA all for Bush.

WXIA-TV Atlanta is reporting that Cynthia McKinney is LOSING 53-47% with 11% of precincts reporting. I don't know if that'll hold, but if it does, then I'll be more than happy.

9:15P: Kerry takes NY & RI, Bush takes TX, ND, SD, WY, KS, NE. Current tally: Bush 156, Kerry 112.

9:45P170-112, Bush

10P: UT & NE going for Bush. CBC/Newsworld projection, Bush leading 182-112.

11P ET: CA goes to Kerry, ID to Bush, for a 197-188 margin for Bush. Everything else is "too close to call."

Cynthia McKinney wins her old seat back by a margin of 64-36%.

11:45P ET: Florida is called for Bush. Totals: 246-199 Bush leads.

James "Gollum" Carville on CNN: "I think it's time to acknowledge that the President has a superior hand..." He goes on to say that Kerry needs to pull an "inside straight in order to pull this thing out..."

12:45A: Fox News Channel projects Ohio for Bush. Totals: 266-211 Bush.

If Bush gets only Alaska from here out, that guarantees a tie. Any of the other outstanding states gets Bush the win.

12:57A: Drudge: "BUSH WINS"

1A ET: Bush wins Alaska for the tie; current total: 269-211 Bush.

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