October 29, 2004

New ad slams Kerry's arrogance

John Armor, veteran political pundit from North Carolina, has pieced together a late television ad critical of John Kerry.

Armor admits that it could be illegal under the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform act, but points out that Americans want to talk about their candidates right up until the election itself.

[Shot at home. 80-mile view of Blue Ridge Mountains in background.]

I'm John Armor -- and this ad may be illegal. Small gifts paid for it.

I’ve known John Kerry 41 years. When he joined the Yale Political Union, I was an officer and veteran debater. Here's what I saw:

Kerry was arrogant. He thought we must believe him, because HE was John Kerry.

[Show photo of Kerry in his shaggy-hair mode before Congress in 1971. Photo dissolves into Kerry pointing with his bony finger of doom, today. Give captions for both photos – John Kerry, Senate “war-crimes” testimony, 1971 – John Kerry, campaigning for President, 2004]

How has he changed? More money, more wrinkles, more arrogance. But still self-centered. Should such a man command the American military -- in time of war?

What makes this ad illegal? A divided Supreme Court approved the campaign finance “reform” act. [Use gestures for quote marks.]

It says we can’t broadcast ads that name a federal candidate, 60 days before an election. But that’s EXACTLY when we want to talk about candidates. I'm doing that. If the feds don't like it, they can find me here:

[Displayed on screen to end of ad:

Box 243, Highlands, NC 28741]

I'm John Armor. I not only approve this ad, I wrote every word of it.

Good points, all. And well worth getting on the air -- provided the feds don't put the kybosh on it.

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