October 13, 2004

Bishop Harry Jackson supporting President Bush

Bishop Harry Jackson, who regularly appears on TBN's Praise The Lord has just made a formal statement throwing his support behind President Bush, and urging all fellow Godly men and women to do the same thing.

I support George Bush and I believe that the Black vote will push him over the top. I also believe that this year’s October surprise will be the Black community standing up for righteousness and justice. High impact African-American churches are creating high impact leaders who are developing high impact congregations that are changing their communities. These high impact Black Christians are more likely to read their Bibles and practice the spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, or worship than their White, Hispanic, or other ethnic counterparts.

Black pastors are beginning to speak out and Black members of multi-cultural churches are ready to make a difference in their world.

In my view, God has been preparing the heart of President Bush to take a radical stand for social justice in his next term. This could be the beginning of the development of a "kingdom agenda" instead of a limited "conservative" versus "liberal" approach to the woes of our society. The current political labels have led to bitter divisions that do not serve the nation’s best interests.

The article also points out that three other prominent black evangelists are also supporting Bush: Bishop Wellington Boone, Apostle Kimberly Daniels and Bishop Larry Jackson.

Posted by mhking at October 13, 2004 11:43 PM

Just to put my "religion wonk" propeller skullcap on for a second, I think the good Bishop is underestimating the growth of Pentecostalism among the Hispanic community.

Posted by: David Ross at October 20, 2004 01:54 AM

I heard you on the television last night and appreciated what you had to say. I decided to find more about you on the WEB.

As I see it, people in our country have drifted away from God, the Father of Jesus. Many Christians sat idle and allowed the enemy of God to rein. They will vote for the devil himself if he ran for office for a particular political party. It's time for the evangelical christians of this country to get to know the candidates, evaluate how a candidate's positions line up with God's Word, pray for God's guidance in deciding who to vote for, and then vote for the candidate God leads him to vote for. When this happens, we will have better leaders in our government.

Freedom comes from God and not from the government, as they would like for us to think.

May God bless you and all born again Christians.

Posted by: Jesse Dilday at October 23, 2004 03:37 PM

Let’s play the RACE CARD. . .

The Kerry Campaign has enlisted the help of former President Bill Clinton to assist in suring up their African American base. I am glad that President Clinton is doing well enough to participate after such major surgery. However, this is not the campaign of William Jefferson Clinton. It is the campaign of Senator John Kerry, supported by the Democratic National Committee and all of the usual suspects. Speaking of usual suspects. . .

When Senator Kerry’s campaign thought it necessary to sure up the African American base, who did the campaign enlist? The Reverend’s Jessie L. Jackson and Al Sharpton. Before we discuss them, let us consider some facts, or at least some legitimate questions.

#1-African Americans have overwhelmingly supported the Democratic Party over the years. During this time, let’s say over the last 40 years, when there has been a Democrat in the White House, how many top level cabinet positions have been occupied by minorities, let alone African Americans?

#2-During that same time, how many democratic presidents have initiated Faith Based initiatives to level the grants acquisition playing field in order to allow inner city churches to compete for major grant funds, allowing them an opportunity to aid their ministries in the act of ministry to the communities served?

#3-On the issue of Sudan, what prominent African American leaders have decried the atrocities, and actually assisted the present administrations efforts?

Is there a broken record, or are there same sounding messages of disenfranchisement, suspicion, even paranoia, and an overall cry of neediness coming from the usual suspects. I thought that leadership in the African American community was supposed to be advancing the cause, not speaking out against those who identify the root of wrongs in our community, and try to hold those responsible accountable. It seems that some African American leadership would much rather see black men unemployed or underemployed, ignorant, dependant, emasculated, and useless, so that they, the “YOU NEED ME CROWD”, can keep a job. The “YOU NEED ME CROWD” show up in African American churches pushing their pabulum, and endorsing disconnected candidates, and in the name of race, seek to ignore basic Biblical principles and tenants of Faith, all in an effort to vilify, deny the well read, and those who seek to think for themselves, the right to try to escape the “New Plantation”. Many African American pastors and congregants are encouraged to espouse a political party that embraces core beliefs that are in direct opposition to the word of God the “YOU NEED ME CROWD” shows up.

Is President George W. Bush or the Republican National Committee faultless or completely perfect when it comes to issues germane to the African American community? We all know the answer to that question. But, who has reached out, shown genuine works, and made efforts to be a government for all people, by all people? Who has overlooked years of blind abandonment, misperceptions, and simple back turning, yet still appointed minority, chiefly African American judges, National Security Advisors, Secretaries of State, and high level cabinet appointees? If we be honest, we all know the answer to that question as well.
If we all believe that what you see is what you get, then what have we seen from the Democratic Party that would deserve the continued support of African Americans in mass? I’m sorry President Clinton. Many may consider him the first African American President, and feel warm and fuzzy about his helping Senator Kerry; however, there is the issue of 40 years. The Democrats have yet to really show why any free thinking and truth acknowledging African American should ever think it proper to support Democrats again.

Senator Kerry has demonstrated that he stands side by side with those who are not progressive, like to cry and complain, yet do not work for true change, and all the while generally look out for themselves. I for one, well enjoy life outside of the “plantation”. Along the way, I have been called lackey, Uncle Tom, asleep, uninformed, and generally ignorant. I am so free now. It is so free off of the plantation. Now that I can think for myself, view the obvious, and know and acknowledge the truth,

“I’m Free at Last, Free at Last. Thank God Almighty, I am Free At Last”!

Join me. Get off the “new plantation” and enjoy being able to think for yourself. Let us put the “YOU NEED ME CROWD” out of business by doing what they don’t want us to do. . .

Vote for who has integrity, proven works, and an agenda that is progressive.

I’ve played the “Race Card”. Who wants to be dealt in?

Posted by: Charles Johnson at October 24, 2004 06:32 PM
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