October 13, 2004

Fear and loathing from the left

In New York City, my friend Renee got her own taste of the tangible and solid hatred that liberals feel toward conservatives in general, and the GOP in particular. She was attending a meeting for people who want to volunteer for a health expo in New York, and got treated to a sermon from a Bush-loathing, foaming at the mouth liberal.

There's a guy up front talking about Bush,etc. and I'm ignoring him because it's a meeting. Then he starts really getting animated, talking loud with very anti-white rhetoric, very anti-Western rhetoric. I hold up my hand and ask him (very nicely) when is he going to be finished and help return control to the person running the meeting. A older gentleman mentions the crisis in Ethiopia, Sudan and how he travelled extensively in Africa and was about to mention Zimbabwe and the same idiot up front goes PROFITABLE FOR WHO? Then launches into a tirade against Western Civilization,etc. The self hating white idiot sitting next to him is AGREEING WITH HIM and the black lady sitting next to me is muttering that she didn't come here to get a lecture (from the man up front). I really couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore and said in a firm voice 'You're talking about this crap, and look how you're manipulating the conversation, what the hell do you know about Africa? That guy has been there, and you haven't'.

Well I thought he was going to leap over the chairs and strangle me. I wasn't going to sit there and allow him to continue to INSULT the United States of America by saying people struggling to come here are WRONG. I wasn't going to stand for the anti-white rhetoric, and someone HAD to stand up to this man. Ordinarily I would have walked out but volunteering means I get into this very expensive expo free and would mean a lot of business opportunities for me. I wasn't about to let this leftist wacko filth deprive me of the golden opportunities by walking out of the meeting. I sat there though as he continued to insult me to his other friends up front.

Meanwhile, the older gentleman walked out of the room but not before he gave me a little wink and thumbs up.

What I don't understand is the unmitigated hatred and scorn that the left heaps upon anyone who is conservative, or supports the right.

Even my volume of hate mail is increasing in intensity and venom. I don't get it.

Posted by mhking at October 13, 2004 10:32 AM

Well, I guess thats the party of Tolerance for ya!

Makes me ill.


Posted by: Chris at October 13, 2004 12:19 PM

Yup. It's getting pretty prevalent out there.
Take a look at yet another example.

Even I'm thinking twice about putting a 'W' sticker on my car in San Diego for fear that one of the UCSD/SDSU brats will make an example of his/her tolerance by smashing one of my windows.

Posted by: SixHertz at October 13, 2004 02:48 PM

two words michael.

Ann Coulter

Posted by: young-white-and-liberal at October 13, 2004 04:19 PM

Yes, it's strange, isn't it? They hate the Right so much I think, because we admit that we don't know Truth. We believe in markets, and the invisible hand of human determinations making a better world. We also think relativism is a grave error. We tend to look to God, and sources the Left thinks are little more than misplaced magic. We have a fundumentally different view of life and they seem to hate us for it. I think, in the end, they will try to, in some way make us and what we believe illegal. It's already started to happen. And we will see more.

Posted by: kjo at October 13, 2004 05:06 PM

"two words michael.

Ann Coulter"

As the saying goes, irony is dead. To the real world that is a cryptic comment. It probably makes complete sense to someone way left in the shared context of way out left.

Posted by: Brian at October 13, 2004 07:14 PM