October 11, 2004

NBC's Today exploits Reeve to benefit Kerry

It didn't take long for the leftists in the media to start to employ and exploit the memory of Christopher Reeve to the potential benefit of John Kerry's campaign.

We were treated, not once but twice, to the same clip of Reeve from the 1996 Democratic National Convention, saying "America does not let its neediest fend for themselves," as a man in a wheelchair looked on. Got it.

Just in case anyone was still wondering where Chris was coming from, here was a clip of him saying "it gets lonely sometimes to say 'come on, let's get more progressive.'" Yes, that's the problem with America. Not liberal enough.

The message could not have been made too much clearer. Honor Chris Reeve: vote Democrat!

And we're supposed to be the "bad guys?"

Posted by mhking at October 11, 2004 08:10 AM

MH: I love your site if I haven't already told you that yet and I respect the way you come across. Yes, I know they've been using Chris Reeve's death as a reason to vote for John Kerry; it's sickening. First of all, stem cell research would not have made a difference to Christopher Reeve - his brain stem was dead and every function of his body was handled by machines but even with the brain stem death, his lasting this long only happened because he was so rich. I lost respect for the man a long time ago and I happen to be an extremely disabled person on disability, critically ill, and dirt poor now so it always pissed me off that this man who had so much money, slowly dying (Mattie Stephanic comes to mind here but in a more compassionate mode) saying this should happen when doctors, because of law suits and whatnot, do not want to deal with someone as high risk as me, who is on Medicare and Medicaid. I don't count; I have no money. They forget I'm a human being too. If people want to honor Chris Reeve, then they should honor they neighbors and do for those who can't do for themselves. Voting Democrat and voting for Kerry is not going to change that and he is using it to build momentem; it offends me.

Keep up the good work.


Posted by: firstbrokenangel at October 11, 2004 11:00 PM
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